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IN IVO: Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid 0: 0, both teams are interested – World Football – Spain

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid play 0-0 in the Spanish capital.

Club Culcia entered the round as the leader with 14 points, while Atletico scored less than their opponent.

Atletico – Real 0: 0

The first dangerous situation came in the eighth minute. Diego Costa grabbed his chest and brought ao Felix behind. The young man advanced and fired at a diagonal angle, but the ball went a little sideways.

Four minutes later, Bale broke through on the right and demanded a pass to Benzema, but either Oymen Jimenez managed to intervene and clear.

In the 16th Bale struggled for a high ball but failed to make the best of it, and it flew over the barrier.

In the 30th minute Thomas Parthei made a sharp hit to the ground, Thibault Courtois could do nothing but the ball was too strong and Diego Costa made it to the far post.

In the 37th Tony Cross fired a powerful and accurate shot of about 25 meters, but Jan Cloud fell and saved.

Two minutes later, Thomas Parthei and Diego Costa exchanged passes, the ball reached aoao Felix, who fired a fine shot from 20 yards, but the ball went close to the beam and came out.

A moment later Renan Lodi was in a hurry and the visitors won the ball in front of the box. It found Tony Crosso, who fired a powerful 20-meter shot. Cloud manages to score in the corner.

In the 44th minute Kieron Trippier got a shot from the right and centered in the small penalty area where he lost to Courtois.

Four minutes after the start of the second half, Diego Costa passed to Angel Correa who appeared on the break and the Argentine surpassed his guard but his header exceeded the cut.

In the 57th minute Nacho Fernandez broke through on the left side and fired a shot into Gareth Bale. The Welshman shot a shot but sent the ball to the stands.

In the 64th minute, Casemiro fired a direct free kick from 28 yards, but his shot went wide of the post.

Starting lineup:

Atletico (4-4-2): 13. Jan Cloud; 23. Kieron Trippier, 15. Stefan Savic, 2. Jose Jimenez, 12. Renan Lodi (11. Thomas Lemar 61 & # 39;); 6. Coke, 5. Thomas Partey, 8. Saul Niggs, 20. Vitolo (10. Angel Korea 46 & # 39;); 7. aoao felix (14. marcos foretell 70 & # 39;), 19. Diego Costa

Real Madrid (4-1-4-1): 13. Thibo Courtois; 6. Nacho Fernandez, 4. Sergio Ramos (k), 5. Rafael Varan, 2. Daniel Carvahal; 14. Casemiro; 7. Eden Azar, 8. Tony Cross, 15. Federico Valverde (10. Luke Modric 68 '), 11. Gareth Bale; 9. Karim Benzema

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