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Ilon Musk, Billionaire Smartphone and Zahoo Destroying

The eccentricity of Ilon Misk It does not surprise a person who is interested in his personality and business. And billionaires have come up with a way to make us wonder at actions exactly in a tossed way.

But we just say it all by ourselves – because its hood is well-thought out and well-aimed. And I'm not just talking about how to get a Tesla model or how to send us to the Cosmos.

In the midst of the documentary work, which is led by Musk Ot Shofur, who was publicly tried on Twitter, we find an interesting eyewitness account. According to a SpaceX clerk, his boss has a habit of skipping some time to destroy your old phone and replace it with a new one.


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This is Ilon's way of destroying relevant information, which he does not need to see at all for the world to see. And the proof of us may be strangers to us to steal phone after phone, experts in cyber security patches practice, write Daily Mail.

According to you, when you are a public figure, whoever has a great interest, the chance that your phone will be hacked is pretty big. We remember what happened to Jeff Bezos and his footage with Loris Sanchez …

SpaceX, Starlink, Ilon Musk and the billionth satellite billionth of Internet satellites

Ilon Musk has ready 30,000 satellites

What does this signify about the status of the cosmos?

We're sure, ch The Moscow is fully aware of any possible flooding and before it can ruin your ordinary morning, you have a razor-sharp razor-shaped profile that is susceptible to hacking. Or do not rush into easy conveniences for service abusers whom we trust on a daily basis.

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