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iFixit Releases New Samsung Galaxy Fold – News

IFixit announces the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and publishes its opinion on the causes of hourly injury test results in the US market. Almost the next item under Samsung's warranty was boiled off for hours.

Months after the Galaxy Fold sales started really late in the evening, and service closed in iFixit's number 2 lab, featuring Samsung-made changes that are meant to improve service life. .

The Korean company closed some of the corruptions in the corps, recovered a sharp display and hid the ends of its precursor foil, which many of the first testers were able to remove, and it added to the situation. The smartphone is interesting, but gluing to the rear panel, both batteries and both displays carry only 2 to 10 points per overhaul, albeit modular, for many hours.

In fact, constructive changes to some of the Galaxy Fold's watches could cause them to fall into place – for example, in the pockets, which could disrupt their work. The iFixit point of view is notoriously easy to find, but the phone's charming character and gesture of motion are instantly recognizable for its durability in the long run.

Reflector: iFixit

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