Friday , April 16 2021

Huawei is not concerned about the controversy over the strength of the Galaxy

The Chinese company Huawei does not intend to change the prime date of the "flexible" Mate H.

The premier month remains in June, despite the controversy surrounding the competitor's strength Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The information comes from the internal sources of the Chinese company that spoke with MyDrivers. The month is still June, although there is no specific date.

It should be remembered that apart from the innovative design, Mate X will be the first day with 5G support.

In the words of sources that have confidential information about MyDrivers, there is no truth in previous information that Huawei will delay the release of Mate X after the launch of Galaxy Fold.

The price of Mate X for Europe will be € 2,300 and our review can be seen here.

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