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How Did Jeff Bezos Change the World?

It's hard to tell just one story about Amazon's first 25 years of business. Dzhef Bezos's online trading company changed its marketing, prompting a quick and comfortable online trading. In addition to Amazon, it began developing cloud services in 2006 and is now a sector leader.

In addition to software development and marketing, Bezos's company is a supplier, television producer, advertiser and food magazine.

The thunderous theses have taken over the company in a new movie about "The Age of Amazon". 4 excerpts from him are revealed by CNN.

1.Amazon you really hear this, you punish Alexa

As technologies in a home become more sophisticated, from speakers to microwave ovens, consumers are beginning to wonder if the companies that develop theses facilities really do not serve.

Amazon has been heavily criticized in April, when it comes to Hillary servants who need to hear and describe what they need to do with Alexa's voice assistant. After Bezos's company, the needy people may refuse to be listened to.

Specialists твърдят, ч Amazon does not listen to Alexa's replies in order to disrupt the personal space of its needs or to collect donations for them to improve the service. From the shoe company, they will not serve a sack. You need a very small hour of conversations with the needy with Alexa to facilitate reading of the human word software. The audio I use is not available to other Danish customer bases.

2.Amazon keep your zero-sum policy

The top business man in the world has been receiving a lot of criticism, especially from Barney Sanders, a Democrat, who has no payroll tax in 2017-2018, as Amazon is one of the top companies in the market capitalization. has been spotted for billions of years. But according to the company, the Taz policy is correct.

"We pay back taxes, which are called by us. If we do not pay a certain tax, that is why justice in the SAF does not require it", заявява Jozef Weik, Head of Needed Business at Amazon globally.

This is due to the investment of the company in the development of the infrastructure there is a tax levy, which is determined in the Danish Codex.

Amazon will give unsold goods

Amazon will give unsold goods

The goal is to reduce the inclement weather around Wednesday and to help consumers stay timely.

3. Amazon's hourly strategy line

Amazon often allows third parties to sell their products on the platform, but the next day Bezos' company begins to produce theses goods on its own. Since 2017 we have developed hundreds of our own brands, some of which do not bear the company name, like Wag and Carfted Collar. Lastly, Amazon's brand of influencers to promote influencers.

One of the best-selling merchandise of the watches, which he produces himself. Amazon has been selling other tweak accessories before, but Yom has been tweaking them, and has developed its own brand.

"That's how the traders work. They are fired up to see if they are going to be bought. If they are fired, they will start producing their own cheaper variants", tell uik.

4. Banking services of Amazon

Some analysts believe that Amazon may change and redefine the bank business as it happened. The anticipation of this company can really become a reality. You're partnering with JPMorgan Chase to create a credit card for your loyal customers for 2017. From the company startups, consider disclosing Amazon bank accounts to large banks or working out how to pay man-to-person with Alexa.

The Silicon Valley costs billions of dollars a year, trying to get into the business, and this is about to happen.

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