Friday , July 30 2021

Horoscope for May 9: The day for these 3 Zodiacs will be a complete nightmare


Today you will want to turn the page and start a new life. It's possible that your loved one enters your new life with you, and that may not be the case. It all depends on his and your desire. Honestly, for himself and for him, the prospect of such an event is described, and decide what to do.


Life is in full swing! Sometimes you allow yourself to reach many extreme things, but given your impulsiveness, it's just not surprising that you did not go further. It's time to sit down and creatively approach the normal planning of a normal and stable budget that you can stick to. Come on, stop with uncertainty! You can do this. Besides, do not you try to take a break for the summer?


The day will start the best way: either communication difficulties will occur, or everything will slip out of your hands. But, shortly after the first half of the day, there will be a milestone. Thanks to the success of the circumstances, you will be able to control the situation, and soon everything will change. Pleasant surprises are possible during the second half of the day. Good news can come, or opportunities to consolidate your positions will appear. The day may be associated with important (and real) decisions about work and career.

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I expect a very uncomfortable journey. From the very beginning you will not expect anything good, but in practice things will be even worse than you could do. It is not desirable to leave alone! It is best to take with you a person you can rely on in difficult times. The cost of travel will be quite high. It's possible to lose important documents. If you stay at home during the day, you will first be choking, but then you will not find a very exciting but useful occupation. This way you will even be able to adjust the small differences between your loved ones.

Whatever happens, stay calm. It will be extremely necessary for you. Far from everything that goes on today with the preliminary plan you made, but if you start to irritate this occasion then nothing good will happen. But, as Carlson said, "Humility, only calmness".

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Today, your personal life will shine in all the colors of the rainbow and will enjoy you with its diversity. Make sure you do not disturb the ecological balance of your personal liar – let it be a long time.

Good day for professional, family and financial affairs. There may be a slight increase in service, as well as the emergence of new opportunities and interesting suggestions. Your precaution will help to bypass underwater stones and traps captured by bad guys. A long-term conflict will be resolved to your advantage. A freer situation appears in your personal life. In the romantic life today there is no room for concessions and compromises, and everyone will try to achieve their costs at all costs. Relatives and family members will not be very careful about you, and they can forget about any request or ignore important information. Take control of what's happening.

You will be able to cope with your work in the first half of the day, but in the second, your business will drop dramatically. Plan your day accordingly, without delaying the important tasks. In the evening, you will not feel bad if you stay home in the usual comfortable setting. Do not be too suspicious about your loved ones: today you tend, if not from any game, to make a tragedy, at least a drama. Also, in your promises, be cautious – you are inclined to put futile hopes on people who are absolutely indifferent to you.

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Everything is ready – at least now. The reduced workplace activity has already been completed and, finally, everything comes into place. This does not mean that you will not have to use time and energy to continue the water, and your reputation will remain undamaged. But unexpectedly you may find that you need to take time for relatives and relatives. Visit them and make sure you get a very warm welcome.


The day is associated with surprises. Probably unplanned welcome guests. Keep in mind that uninvited visitors will stay long, so be prepared to get up and get inconvenience. Quizzes, valued family ties, will have great pleasure. They will be delighted with the news for the parents and the older generation. A romantic meeting will leave you with a very positive impression.

The day is equally good for family meetings and home improvement. Caring for children, and for half, it will bring you special pleasure. In addition, the day is suitable for domestic financial transactions: the supply of products, services engagements, toys, and home care.

Intuitive spontaneous assumptions will make you service in the first half of the day, but by the end of the day they will probably not be worth it. If you want to start something new, take your shots somewhere overnight. Aggression, fighting and competition will have little chance of success. It's a good time to negotiate small and medium deals, and making useful purchases (including plain clothes and food) to acquire quality, beautiful and durable items in classic style.

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