Thursday , May 6 2021

Heavy Drama in the Life of the War MS! – Flash

The friend of Stefan Ivanov – Half MC is called Maria Kotzeva and for her he throws cruel tears at the Big Brother's house.

Tsvetelina Grahic took off half of the snow, rescued by a great tragedy

Mum, as everyone calls it, is the grandson of actor Boris Lukanov, a pedagogical student, while in his free time he acts as a model. Maria and Stefan are together for several years. But as Wosh's love grows stronger, his lovers feel cooler, telling him the rapper. Just days before the contractor entered "Big Brother", his girlfriend surprised him with the words: "I want to rest"Writes"Gallery".

New TV in front of a spectacular offshore connected with Viktor Angelov

Mom thought that their relationship had begun to leak, and it would be better for them not to see for a while. But Pesh's close friends share the new personality in Maria's life that influenced her decision.

The secret of a decade has fallen! The royal biographer discovered what Prince Charles wrote to Diana before the wedding

The boy is also from the fashion world and is radically different from the rapper – probably the reason why Mom got into it.

"I wanted at least once to hear from her that she loved me. And she does not say that"Stephen said tears to his teens. According to his relatives, he did not say that his relationship with the girl was in the final, and once again he had a broken heart.

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