Sunday , April 18 2021

Hamilton does not think that Mercedes will contribute to Ferrari by tomorrow

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, picture: Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton does not think that Mercedes can catch up with Ferrari to-morrow. Today, in the second free practice, the Briton's power to the fastest Ferrari's Charles Leueller was close to 0.7 seconds. The other silver-shot driver, Volter Botas, was more than 1 second behind Lekler.

"The second training ended well," explained Hamilton. – I felt more comfortable in the last year's car on this track. But Ferrari pilots are really fast and seem to be ahead of us. We need to see where we waste time for them.

We will not be able to find tenths to tour tomorrow. But we will do our best to go in the right direction in relation to the car's settings. Our pace in long series of trials looked a little better than it was short. "

Botas was not satisfied with his quick touring. With this, he explained his long delay behind 1.1 against Lökler. "Here in Baku it is complicated to find a good rhythm," said Finn. "It was not easy for the media to get the heat up and work optimally."

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