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Grisha Ganchev on CSKA vigil, the "green" phenomena and changes in BCS – BG Football – efbet League

CSKA owner Grisha Ganchev speaks before GONG.BG following the CSKA Tazzi phenomena tonight. It lasts for more than 2 hours and at its disposal close to 50 "servicemen".

– Mr. Ganchev, how did you meet the phenomena?

– A hanger is next. Tell us, explain it to us. Utahnyavahme details on the stadium, the infrastructure.

– What kind of club is Pythacha and more expensive to make?

– We have a normal bed, which I can't overstate. I mean, but not me.

– Is there a variant to take over the shares of another owner?

– Nayama, why am I playing football and getting out.

– Do you have a train post in CSKA?

– As soon as you have the responsibility and this mark, you say that the trainer will be the principle of choice. It does not matter what you think of the Tozi Phenomenon.

– Was Stoicho Stoilov in the middle of the match?

– Prices are happy for him, understand everything. Most importantly, we are unable to prove Rahim Stirling well. And I was told to have tons of English halftone in England. Do you see him howling? Maguire too came for me, but he didn't.

– Soon the Kazakh, in the BCC, there is a flower and a rose. How would you comment on today's news in BCS?

– The state opens its own football. Thought, this is a very good thing for football. I do not want to express myself about the sect. Alcoholized indoor sect. It's easier to get into the Holy Synod, the next door. Bravo to Borisov and Kralev, we have solved a tosy problem. All Towers – Open Football for the State. No matter who gives money to the clubs. Don't think there will be a new sect. I'll start from scratch and slowly work will start.

– Are you looking for the best days of Bulgarian football?

– Think, wait. We need rules to be imposed, restrictions to be made, a sneak peek, for which we are fighting Nasko Sirakov in time. We, too, have left the BCS. It is compulsory to start recruiting young footballers who will play and become slow, albeit slow.

– Do you have the vision to become a BCS President?

– No we do not care, because we are a hunting club. The point is to break the rules and the BCS is not a closed society.

– Is it the first target for CSKA?

– CSKA wines are fighting for raw milk, another one is achieving.

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