Saturday , January 16 2021

Grigor Dimitrov – Jan-Lenard Struff 4-3

Grigor Dimitrov should defeat German Ian-Lenard Struff in order to provide a possible clash with Rafael Nadal tomorrow.

Two years ago, Grisho went out of Monte Carlo from Nesta and now has a chance to retaliate. The German wants to play clay, although he relies on his first blow and is aggressive.

Strufka, as her fans in Sofia called her in February, showed her qualities in a spectacular match with the Greek sensation Stefanos Tsipitsas before the Bulgarian audience. He eliminated another young in the first round, which is at the top, Denis Shapovalov (Canada).

Grigor must have defended 360 points in Monte Carlo from the semifinals last year when he played with the equal first set with Rafael Nadal. The bets are 1:60 against 2:20 in favor of the Bulgarian born in Haskovo.

Two minutes ago

at 17:00

6-6: Things saved two sets.

Service Struff.
0-15: From forehand to replay.
0-30: Double error.
15-30: Retour from forehand to outs.
15-40: out of the box and forehand in the corner.
30-40: Outside the diagonal work of the second serve.
40-40: Unsecured service on the diagonal.
A-40: Ace right.
Non-binding service for rights.

8 minutes ago

at 4:54 pm

6-5: Gregor secured a minimum tibier.

Service Dimitrov.
15-0: Grigor wins a backhand shot from the net.
15-15: Backhand network after a sharp game of the Struph.
30-15: Stroud stopped for outsourcing. The ball was on the line.
30-30: A forehand grid on the right side of the counter.
40-30: The winner on the right after the defense from the forehand.
Incorrect error.

Last update at 16:55 on 17.04

14 minutes ago

at 16:48

5-5: Things remained in the room.

Service Struff. Nadal also scored in the second set.
0-15: From the forehong to the diagonal diagonal.
0-30: less than a backhand. The ball is stuck on the ground.
15-30: Shoot the frame out. Advantage advantage.
30-30: Ace of dust.
40-30: Swing on the third ball.
Unsatisfactory service on the diagonal.

Last updated at 16:50 on 17.04

21 minutes ago

at 4:41 pm

5-4: Break-Break.

Service Dimitrov.
0-15: Network when trying for a short diagonal.
0-30: forehand to the second ball.
15-30: Good combination and a network of Struff.
30-30: From forehand to third ball.
Nadal won the first set with 6: 1.
40-30: Winner on return.
40-40: A grid on the right side of the right side.
40-A: Error after the transfer.
40-40: an error on the backhand on the web.
A-40: Little completion of the network after aggression.
40-40: Stop for volleyball behind the net.
A-40: Forehong Network.
Combination after serving.

Last updated at 16:44 on 17.04

25 minutes ago

at 16:37

4-4: The Strf escaped.

Service Struff.
15-0: Right right.
Dual error. The judge corrected the decision. First serve.
15-30: Excellent shot with a winner.
30-30: from forehand after download.
30-40: Ball of filets and Dimitrov shot Smurf.
40-40: The second serve.
A-40: Ac diagonal.

36 minutes ago

at 16:26

4-3: Grigor leads again.

Service Dimitrov. Nadal already leads 4-0.
0-15: Steub got short and gave almost a parallel ball on the net.
15-15: A net wreath after Greco's aggressive game.
30-15: Beckhend from the net.
30-30: Deep out on the return.
40-30: net with backhand.
40-40: Web on a piece of backhand.
40-A: Craftsman's winner of dust.
40-40: Counter-signed forhong.
A-40: Combination after serving.
Advanced error.

Last updated at 16:31 on 17.04

38 minutes ago

at 16:24

3-3: Breakthrough returns immediately.

Service Struff.
15-0: from the forehand of the second ball.
15-15: Filler ball and point for Grisho.
15-30: Double error. First in the competition.
30-30: Ace of dust.
30-40: Third-ball net in the Table.
40-40: Rectangle with a backhand frame.
40-A: Obsolescence in the network after the replay.
From the backhand after the exchange.

48 minutes ago

at 16:14

2-3: The stone collapsed for the sixth time. Breakthrough for Straw.

Service Dimitrov.
0-15: From the forehong to the diagonal after the swap.
0-30: Winner from the forehand to the second ball.
15-30: High output.
15-40: From forehand after exchange.
30-40: From forehand after an expedited exchange.
40-40: Drag with the frame.
40-A: Forest network after long exchange of backhands.
A forehand line on the Strip line.

Last updated at 16:18 on 17.04

52 minutes ago

at 16:11

2-2: An unsurpassed service game for things.

Service Struff. Nadal has already beat Bastista Agut for 2-0.
15-0: A heavy-duty third-seed grid.
30-0: Retract to the net.
40-0: Forhend on third ball.
Winner in the corner of the forehand.

Last update at 16:13 on 17.04

54 minutes ago

at 16:08

2-1: Little difficulty for Grigor.

Service Dimitrov.
0-30: 15-30:
30-30: Fornd in the deep outside.
40-30: Forehong Network.
Side out of forehand.

Last updated at 16:09 on 17.04

57 minutes ago

at 16:05 hours

1-1: A quick game for things.

Service Struff.
15-0: Return to the second service network.
30-0: High exit.
40-0: From the second ball.
Bet on the net.

1 hour ago

at 4:01 pm

1-0: Saved three points and a match for Grigor.

Service Dimitrov. Start at 15:59.
0-15: Double error.
0-30: Beckham network after the game.
0-40: Double error.
15-40: A forehand winner with a straight draw.
30-40: Independent line service.
40-40: Web of the forehand of the second ball.
A-40: Deep from forehand.
Return to Out.

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1 hour ago

at 3:56 pm

Grigor Dimitrov will serve first.

Struff won with a draw and chose to meet.

1 hour ago

at 15:49

They finished the first two games in the second Monte Carlo court. It's time for Grigor Dimitrov.

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