Friday , April 16 2021

Good Friday is the worst day for all Christians

Today is Good Friday, or Good Friday – the most difficult, hardest day for God's Son – Jesus Christ. On this day, the innocent Christ suffered innumerable sorrows, torments, and great tribulations. This is the day when they crucified him – "tormented for our iniquity and wretched for our sins, sacrificed for the sins of all mankind."

On Good Friday, Jesus was buried in a stone sarcophagus in a cave, before which they placed a guard and a huge stone at the entrance. On this day the temple is executed and a worship service called King's Hours is served.

In the morning service, twelve passages from the Gospel are read, telling the passions / sufferings of the Church-Slavic of Jesus Christ. For the worship of the faithful, they hold flashing candles in their hands, symbolizing the greatness of the Savior during their sufferings and the spiritual awakening of the Christians.

It is no accident that on this very day of the Holy Week, fasting is especially severe.

The evening has an apostle of Christ. The death of Christ in the death of Christ in the temple in the evening is the death of Christ, dedicated to the Savior's funeral.

Before the beginning of the service, in the middle of the temple stands the "grave" of Christ, decorated with flowers, and the throne is placed on the throne. It is a piece of canvas embroidered with the image of the Savior in the grave. The songs are dedicated to the sufferings and death of Christ.

One of the songs, which is accepted to be performed in the service of Good Friday, is called "The Cry of the Mother of God". This prayer is read in memory of the soul suffering of the Most Holy Theotokos, who stood at the waist of her son and called him, uttering sad words.

During the worship of the altar, the cloak of Christ's body was taken after its removal from the cross. His wealth is made between white flowers. After the cloak of the evening worship comes out, it circles around the temple and symbolically takes the funeral of Christ.

At the end of the service, the priest takes the cloak of the throne and places it in the "grave" – ​​in the center of the temple. The worship of the cover lasts for two days, until late Saturday night, when it returns to the altar – minutes before the passage procession of the cross.

On Good Friday it is absolutely forbidden to go anywhere. It's no coincidence that the old people say about Good Friday: "On this day, you and the bird's nest are not you." On Good Friday, the day goes to church and has an egg and geranium that are left on the table before the crucifixion.

According to many people, the passing of the table is done for health, happiness and forgiveness of sins. However, the Church considers these interpretations to be incorrect. Christians come to the temple and bring flowers to the funeral of a close and dear man. They continue with prayer to the raised grave of Christ and worship the revelation in respect, and then kiss the hereditary Body of Christ adorned on Plato, the Gospel, and the Cross and laid flowers. They bend and pass under the elevated place, thus expressing our admiration, humility and sorrow before the Lord's grave, but also gratitude for the redemption given by the Savior.

Then we again worship the raised great cross, the image of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Theologian and kissing them. The priest gives us a flower of blessing and spiritual comfort symbol of hope and faith that even a little and the grave will remain empty, and Christ will resurrect again. We take the flower in our house and put it through the icons to remind us that we expect a great day.

In that sense, under the table is not a vain belief in health, happiness and the forgiveness of sins, but stimulated by pure and strong faith – worship at Christ's grave.

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