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Gonzo: There is no way to break the intrigue in Loko

Lokomotiv's new sports director Georgi Ivanov – Gonzo shared his insights on club strategy during his official presentation, which ended minutes ago. The legend of the Lauta Club has given us an overview of what he was appointed to do and what his closest goals were before the match.

We have a conversation with Mr. Krusharski to improve the conditions and the way he works. The locomotive has a good base. I swap toes at my club, grow up all over, have a great hair dryer, factor in Bulgarian football. That's how I didn't hesitate a lot. I need to jump from foot to foot so that Loko can be a stable club and reach the level of our leaders. I am looking for interest in the phenomena and we will be glad to start them, Georgi Ivanov started.

Tozi Club built me ​​like a man and a character. It gives me a solid basis for my pursuits as a football player when playing Levski. It helped me a lot in my junior year Nedyalko Stamboliev. My favorite memory is when I was a trainer for a single day before. One learns from his mistakes and thus gains experience. Not cheating, but in Levski and Hessen Petrov we build a good squad that plays successfully in the Europa League, Gonzalo continued.

Georgi Ivanov has announced that his legal status will be reduced to a sports-technical class. You've got a crap about it, the administration is doing fine, We're going to sync our work with DC. As for such a man, we cannot give in to intrigues. A long-term strategy to prevent episodic training in Europe. The cavalry board builds theses cats. I need to lay the groundwork for the school as well, because all Lokomotiv football players will come out. It doesn't have to become if three players train on a con playing field. I need to make a good training base. If we do not do so, the children will not come to us, and they will prefer other games. I have no agreement, but this is our little one, who is pressing me. One puts out his job position, which he does.

Our first goal is to be classified into six, so that I can play the stronger games without trying the rest. That is how many audiences will come to our kittens. I wish the fans to support the cactus, as he makes the wines, concludes Gonzo.

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