Wednesday , January 27 2021

Georgi Hristov jumps into copyrights – curious – News about lifestyle, style, diets, fashion

"My song" I Do not Need Many Friends "is the copyright of Raska Stojkov and my music, the arrangement of Boris Ckarov. Thus, the great performer Georgi Hristov turned to the show" How Two Water Drops, "in which a show was aired on the performer of Stefan Ilchev a week ago. Our popular legend is obviously offended by the fact that the rights of the song are not paid, as he thinks he is right.

"I do not want to go into unnecessary comments," Georgi Hristov, who will soon have a concert, and the genius "I do not need a lot of friends" will be the claw in it.

The singer is categorical and does not want to comment on his colleagues about the imitation of Stefan Ilchev. "I do not see Bulgarian TV, but I admire every talented young man," says the great Georgi Hristov laconic, writes the newspaper "Bulgaria Today".

"It's a very solid and recognizable picture … Exclusively, I hope at least I touched what I managed to pass on to the audience. But let's not forget that I'm in this show to have fun," Stefan, who won the seventh show live on the show with his star transformation, thanks to the vote.

Soon, Mitko Shterev banned his songs from performing as "Two drops of water". The composer believes that there are no precise and clear rights between television productions and composers, as well as lyricists for using original music.


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