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Georges Ganchev died – Oblivion

Georges Ganchev died at the age of 79.

He was born in 1939. His birth name is Georgi Ganchev Petrusev.

As a youth, I found myself an athlete – champion of Bulgaria after training, playing basketball in "Academic", Sofia. The following is at the Ferenc Magyar National Sports Academy (Modor).

Between the ages of 77-88, he became a director and screenwriter, a cinema producer and a theater major in England and the SAF. The next 90 years puts the creditors of SDS.

He is president of the National Patriotic Union (NPO). NPO Tactics in the New Rose Coalition, 2005 Parliamentary Elections he does not have to vote for 4 votes to be represented in parliament.

At the 2016 presidential election is running for President of the Christian Socialist Party, together with Kolo Paramov.


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