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Former wife of Johnny Depp has proven himself with a photo she leaves (PHOTO + VIDEO)

In the testimonies, the actress describes in detail how Depp is beating, embroidering and torturing. Hurd explains that he has done so under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
"When I was bouncing and booming, I was excited for both of us." He was just another man, cruel and cheerful. We call it "monster". When he was sober, he forgot his wild behavior … I loved him, I believed in his promises to become better and wrong, "admits the actress.
It describes several cases from 2015. One of them was in their Los Angeles apartment. "Johnny came back to beat me, throwing the Count on me, throwing all the items in the room and hitting the fist against the wall. He hit me hard, grabbed my hair and dragged me to the stairs in the study, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in the guest room. I torn the hairs. I tried to convince Johnny … Every time I rode to the ground, I climbed and looked in the eyes … I said that I could no longer tolerate his behavior, and I was leaving. In response, Johnny caught his throat and hit me, "describes Hurd one of Depp's alleged beating.

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The aquiline created by Johnny Depp's cabin is not a class of personalities. A man could not stay out of work. Ademash, the nose of the eagle of love, Amber is a lover of the person, there is no credo for an algae coma, with this humad and the peak of the sea, which can be placed in a form that is very popular. Yam miramos and Johnny Depp, grandfather, tint a pint of machista wrestler. Si, liik apariencias in times engañan. Pen has nothing to do with it. Jo Creo and Amber. Y por loal, part of ahora, en mi cuenta VETO CUALQUIER COSA RELACIONADA CON EL SINVERGÜENZA DE JOHNNY DEPP. You slammed the pie hijo de times. #WeAreWithYouAmber #JusticeForAmberHeard #SatyStrongAmber #AmberHeard

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She also argued that some of the cases of domestic violence came to witnesses, for example, her sister. Amber complained that after the divorce trial, many people accused her of lying to have made bruises from the photos they were given to the court.
"People called me a liar, I got rid of the fashion advertising campaign, I lost the role in the film. So often I was threatened with death, which almost every week I had to change my phone. People accused me of defamation. I never attacked Johnny, I just fought … I fought to fight the world's goods-openly acting against domestic violence. I tried to use my fame publicly to say against violence, "said the actress.

After the trial began between them, more and more details about their unhappy life appear in the media. The actress illustrates her photo story, which must prove Johnnie Depp's aggression.

"He fell into a rage and began to destroy the property, including my closet. Then, sister Whitney stood with me at the top of the stairs. I was afraid that he would suffer Johnny and hit him on his face. It was the only time I hit Johnny. Security has kept us, "says Hurd on the 2015 case.
The actress also publishes copies of her sister's dossier with the governor, as well as footage of ruined cabinets and clothes hangers. Hurd claims that this chaos is the work of her ex-husband.
According to her, Johnny Depp began drinking and booming a year after the relationship began. He made scandals of jealousy of her colleague James Franco. She once wanted to shoot her sister down the stairs. Hood claims that he had beaten her with many hands and kicks many times, and was afraid of her life. In addition, Depp said he has no right to ban ecstasy.

The actress says that he had forgiven her for many times and believed that his behavior would change for the better. She also provided notes in which Depp apologized and called a savage.
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard married in February 2015. May 2016 Hrd filed for divorce.
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