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CSKA – Black Sea, second round of the Bulgarian First League, stadium: "Bulgarian Army", starts: 18:45.

Probably the composition of CSKA: Chernyskas, Bikel, Galabov, Bodurov, Zhepherson, Antov, Malinov, Kerry, Fabriani, Evander, Wat

Black Sea Group: Ivan Dulgerov, Ivan Dichevski, Cvetomir Panov, Stefan Stancev, Miroslav Enchev, Victor Popov, Dimitrios Hantakias, Vasil Panayotov, Aristotle Nongala, Danny Kiki, Patrick Andrade, Yorde Cardoso, Rodrigo Enrique, Ilian Illiev, Georginio, Ismail Isa.

Gol.bg Forecast:

CSKA broke out at the start of the domestic league last weekend after a 2: 2 home against Ethere in the middle of the Army. The start of the match does not imply such a development after the Ali Sou Penalty at the very beginning.

"Bologna" did not surrender, and the points they earned contributed to defects in the defense of "Reds". During the week, CSKA again did not impress with visiting Titograd in Montenegro in the first qualifying round of the Europa League.

The match ended with a draw, but "Army" continued on the tournament after a solid 4: 0 in Sofia. It's obvious that you need to play maximum not only in separate periods, but also in the whole game to achieve success.

The reason for this is that many teams have seriously demanded their first championship games at their level against the big prizes and almost no one comes on a trip to Sofia.

The Black Sea started with a good win over the winner of the Bulgarian Cup Lokomotiv Plovdiv, although the start did not imply this. They assembled a goal and could even get a second, but gradually took the initiative and it seemed quite easy to achieve three successes with 3: 1.

This will give them confidence, and now "Army" wants a positive result, using the "red" commitments in the Europa League. Football players Iliyan Iliev have shown that they always have something that will surprise each team at the championship.

The direct meetings between CSKA and the Black Sea in the last two years are five and ended with three wins for the "Armenians". The meeting ended equally and the citizens of Varna succeeded.

Forecast: CSKA – Black Sea 1: 0

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