Wednesday , October 27 2021

Etar defeated Vereja 1: 0 as a guest


The Etara team enjoyed a very important victory today during their visit to Vereya in Stara Zagora in the 15th round in the first division. The only shot was taken by Florent Bojaj in the 84th minute.

Vereia - Etar, 0: 1 (minutes of the game)


Vereia – Etar, 0: 1 (minutes of the game)

Florent Bodzaj realized the only goal in the game

Two opponents did not impress during the first part of the game. Serious situations in front of one of the two doors hardly existed, and the best chance for 45 minutes took place 15, when Flo Bodjaj made a good shot shortly before the corner of the penalty area, turned technically and fired very hard at the door scrapes. Georgi Georgiev, however, was careful and shot the ball. Shortly before, Georgi Sarmov made an offensive shot, but the ball was quite easy for the goalkeeper of Stara Zagora.

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In the 25th minute the "Violet" headquarters demanded a penalty. Dimo Atanasov directed the ball to the opponent's door, and she turned into the hand of Kurupis. The Chief Justice stated that he has no intention in his act and does not indicate the white point.

A few seconds before the final signal of refereeing the first part, Kurupis could get an interesting goal after trying to clean the ball and flew very close to the door. Both teams withdrew to go out with a zero result.

At the beginning of the second half, Nikola Kolev was brought to the firing position in a pennant and, after receiving the ball, he immediately shot the door. But the globe flew over the bar. Four minutes later Krum Stoyanov fell into the home field after the match against Dino Martinović. In real time it was not seen if he was foul. The chief judge also went through the situation.

In the 55th minute Zdravko Iliev entered the purple field, and immediately threw the passage in the corridor to the attacker Dino Martinovica. However, he did not reach for the ball, and the danger in front of Hristo Ivanov's gate has passed.

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In the 76th minute Alasana Mane tried his luck from a long distance kick, but the ball did not meet the outline of the door. In the 1980s, Flo Bodzaj led Dimo ​​Atanassov to the shooting position in the penalty area, but his head shot was quite inaccurate.

In the 84th minute there was a logical event, and the "violet" led to the result. Floo Bodjaj managed to cheat Ivo Ivanov and after a precise sloping shot Georgi Georgiev overtook 1-0, which was the final result.

After this victory, Ether is already the seventh, but with an equal number of 21 points on the sixth Black Sea. Vereya remained in fourth place with four.

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