Thursday , April 22 2021

Emanuela responded to rumors and showed … (PICTURES) – Unusual – News about lifestyle, style, diets, fashion

Chalga Wild Emanuela has always been provocative and goes hand in hand with scandals. But always at his core are men or colleagues, not fancy chests, buttocks and other parts of her figure.

But the last frame of the singer in her personal profile on the social network is different. Finally, she dared to shoot at her back, displaying well-maintained forms in the hall. The singer recorded the photo as an "address" for anyone who has recently talked about her backs and claims that she has gained weight.

Unfortunately, for many, Emmanuel did not slip naked, but with trousers, but she can not hide the supported forms. She has been active in sports for several years now, and she clearly shows her figure. It is no coincidence that Emanuele has been named one of the most famous pop stars in the industry.

Recently she has only pants and seems to reject her short dresses. Before the acquaintances said they were already being demonstrated and this cheap sexual attraction is no longer in the people. She is of the opinion that the man is very excited by fastened pants and sexy pinnacles that remain in his imagination what is below and not to make the entire anatomy of the screen.

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