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Doctor who got the signal from the girl from Sotir: My grandmother prevented me from examining

The doctor who transferred the girl from the village of Sotiri to a hospital told a story on bTV. He admits leaving the child with his grandmother alone and getting into the driver's seat, but explains the behavior of loved ones.

Dr Dimitrov said he felt psychologically very bad, but he continued to work because "there is no way, there is a schedule".


This is the first working day of Dr. Nedko Dimitrov after the death of the child.

He says Thursday after the signal to the phone. 112, they left immediately, and were already waiting for relatives and police. The child was in the hands of his grandmother.

The doctor claims he began examining the child, but his grandmother prevented him. "In this situation, I cannot continue the investigation because I have no access, that screaming, screaming and squeezing … and in this situation I have no choice; and I said, "OK, then you'll stay with us," says Dr. Nedko Dimitrov.

According to the child's grandmother, there was no examination and the doctor was indifferent.


"He didn't bend over, not even lower the bag, didn't measure his heart rate, put on an oxygen mask, put a system on it, nothing, nothing. An ambulance where I traveled alone to the hospital and asked for help, I called, but no one, no one answered, I do not know if they heard me, ”says Milka Georgieva.

The doctor admits he was seated next to the driver because of the battered woman.

"If I were in the back, I would provoke my grandmother to start circuses again. I do not have access to the child, nothing can be done and with this bleeding nothing can be done, even in a relaxed environment. Especially about the bleeding that bothers me the most, and the deformity of the skull and chest, "says Dr. Nedko Dimitrov, adding:" Grandma can't force her because we are affected by the law. "

The doctor has already written an explanation that will be sent to the Ministry of Health. If there are violations, the penalties range from reprimand to disciplinary dismissal.

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