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Disguised pistol apologizes and faces bank (Obzor)

"Sorry, but this is an attempt. Give the money. " Theses domi disguised and bandit face bank in st. "Sukhata River" in a five-sided skirt.

About 10.40 hours in the bank clone, around 10 souls jackals for the cashier. Next, the cashier was frightened, attempting to take an hour off the stall – about 1,000 leva.

Gabriela Koleva was one of the witnesses. She was on the tail of one of the lucky gigs. “It was a pistol. I'm not sure if it was the same. It was a black mask. There was an uproar for the second of an hour, rushing, punishing us: "Upstairs" and after the maid's trespass ", the woman said.

Oberit has been overshadowed by cameras in the bank, said MIA chief commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov. Mladen Marinov delivered to parliament's cloisters: "It is beautiful, we have not suffered, the maid has not suffered, we have not produced gunshots, we have no violence, except the flood."

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