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Dimo Aleksiev turns out to be a knight in disguised singer – Curious

T. the sinister performance of the hit "Evil" – "Both Bobby and I Drink Coffee" failed to secure a place for Knight on the stage of the Masked Singer in the future.

The viewer's voice determined the removal of his armor, and the investigation into the detective board "hit the stone" when actor Dimo ​​Aleksiev appeared under the guise.

The surprise was great for all the detectives – both on the board and in front of the small screen, as the actor's name had so far been unrelated to the nearly 100kg knight.

The release of the series NOVA's "Standing Life", which seldom enters theaters, except for the theater and cinema, will undoubtedly rank among the most unexpected actors in the glamorous show. Dimo Aleksiev himself defined his participation as a challenge, especially when he had to justify his absence from home.

"It was extremely difficult to keep a secret, especially for my wife. It was a lot of lies to think about not revealing that I participated in this show. I wish all other masks success," he said a few minutes after his mask fell off. Learn more about Dimo ​​Aleksiev's participation in the show on Monday, September 30, when he will be the exclusive guest on "Hello, Bulgaria".

The mystery surrounding the form participants has provoked serious reactions on social networks, where fans of the show do not stop commenting on the performances of the participants even after the broadcast. The author of the most interesting comment posted on the Masked Singer's Facebook page will be awarded each week. The Detective winner of the week, as presenters Rachkov and Zueka announced, will have the opportunity to experience the magic of live form and support their favorites.

Knight's mask is the third to be revealed. There are 13 more amazing characters left, who constantly wonder who is hiding under them.

Don't miss the next episode of Bulgaria's most mysterious show "The Masked Singer" – Saturday (05.10) from 8pm on NOVA.

More information can be found on the official website Facebook page and Instagram Profile on the show

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