Saturday , August 15 2020

Dimitrov Dimitrov changed Krasimir Balikov's national team?

If Krasimir Baljkov does not resign, he will surely be defeated by a national selection, Meridian Match.

The first choice for his successor is Dimitr Dimitrov – Fero.

Next month, the nationals will have two matches – the home of the European qualification and control championship, which will be selected by FIFA. Until the moment when the Congress is finished and the Exchequer will decide to choose a new breeder.

Ferro is in a moment of self-defeat, following the big scandals of Kazakh Irtis. The goal of the new teacher will be to not only lead the team in both matches, but also to prepare the prospect for the semi-final and eventually the playoffs in the League of Nations.

Dimitrov Dimitrov has already led a national election. This happened in 1998-1999, when he made a 0-0 draw at England at Wembley and 1: 1 at the Bulgarian Army in the favor of Hristo Stoichkov.

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