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Cooperation with Maria Ilieva makes her second child (PHOTO) – Blister

Son of Maria Ilieva turned one year, and the pop singer is already thinking about the second one. The candidate-father is the new man next to her – her colleague Petar Bonev. The 41-year-old singer offered the singer to make her a baby, guaranteeing that there will be no financial or moral pretensions to him, writes the Gallery.

According to acquaintances, the same conditions were imposed on the father of the 1-year-old Alexander-Georgi Mikhailov, who is currently engaged in another and lives in the Czech Republic.

Maria and Petar Bonev are close friends for a long time, but the spark among them was lit at the wedding of Georgi Yanev and Miss Bulgaria 2003 guitar performer Renata Naldjieva this summer.

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Ilieva was already divided with Mihailov and blinded by the romantic celebration, she began to flirt with Bonev. But their relationship was not serious and more was based on friendship than on love.

Recently, Cradden Love's performer offered him a baby without taking part in the role of dad, and Bonev seriously thought about her proposal, his colleagues say.

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