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Cobra with sensational revelations for scandalous sushi!

Bulgarian boxer in the ultra-high category of professional boxing Kubrat Pulev and his team distributed a statement after a hearing in front of the boxing commission of California. As known, Cobra is banned from boxing in the United States until July 22, received a $ 2500 fine for a kiss against journalist Jennifer Ravalo and must visit the course against a sexual assault.

At the hearing before the commission, Pulev admitted that he did not kiss the journalist at the end of the interview after his match. Due to unprofessional behavior, he apologized to the Commission and Ms Jenny Ravalo.

Mr. Pulev and Ms. Ravalo saw the day before interviewing him before the competition and immediately after the sessions. Then they acted friendly and shared their pictures. Then Miss Ravalo saw Mr. Pulev and his friends in the parking lot. On the question of their fabric after the match.

During the boxing gala the following day, but before his game, Mr. Pulev realized that his acquaintances had fun with Miss Ravalo. They have already begun to drink and celebrate on the eve of his victory.

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After the end of the game Mr Pulev was greeted by hundreds of fans who wanted to greet him and take photos. At the time, Miss Ravalo asked for an interview with Mr. Pulev. He agreed and after his end, when he was still excited by the victory in the first match in the United States, she spontaneously kissed Miss Ravalo.

Later, during the party after the game attended by Miss Ravalo, Mr. Pulev realized that the kiss was inadequate. He asked her to erase the record. Miss Ravalo has promised to do so, but she has already released the video from her own YouTube channel, "You Tube," which has become very popular.

Mr. Pulev respected women's rights and volunteered for a course of sexual abuse before the hearing, as recommended by the Boxing Commission. He intends to fully comply with the requirements of the Commission so that he can return the boxing license as soon as possible.

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