Sunday , January 17 2021

Buryieva: The difference between GERB and BSP is increasing – News from Bulgaria

The difference between GERB and BSP is increasing, it will be much greater than what sociologists are currently recording. This is what political science Tatiana Butudjieva told about the political atmosphere in Bulgaria at the threshold of European elections, according to a report by FOCUS.

According to her, the coalitions between GERB and smaller formations reflect a major campaign taking place in Europe led by major party families. Both the right wing and the left in Europe called for maximum unification, as the two families are concerned about the very active and growing influence of radical radical parties, she explains.

The BSP's pre-election positions were noted in the nominees for membership, she added, stating that the list proposed by the Plenary was exceeded by the party's expectations.

According to her, this is the third sign that BSP gives its leadership that it should not make independent decisions without taking into account the views and the mood of the party itself. "The BSP did not show, especially in leadership and leadership of the leader, the desire to give their voters a sufficient motive to vote right in these European elections, in addition to anti-motives, against something to vote. However, in practice practice is often known the election, however, is getting a problem to go to the polls when there is something to be voted on, even if it is a change, but it must be "for." With only "anti" and a scandal, I think the left will not can make a good company, "she added.

Tatiana Boroudjieva also said that as much as GERB, the party is activated and the core is tight. In the survey, answering the question of who you vote for, people who answered that they would vote for GERB are those who will vote, she explained. But with BSP there is no such security, it is not clear what will happen on the periphery, the political scientist added.


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