Thursday , February 25 2021

Bulgaria | The court inspectorate "adopted" personal data of Judge Todorova and her family

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On the day when the Judicial Council of the Supreme Judicial Council (SSM) tended to reduce the assessment of the trial of the Sofia City Court judge, Miroslava Todorova, the judicial inspectorate publishes personal data of the judge and her family – PIN, address and mobile phone .

The institution, led by Theodora Tochkova, also issued an EGN and three names to Todorova's wife and her young child.

The case is extremely worrying for two reasons. First, the ISJC is the body responsible for personal data for the entire judicial system. Secondly – Miroslava Todorova is a criminal judge, that is, is considering cases, some of which are from the heavy criminal contingent. Publishing the home address endangers life and her family.

The institution that openly fought with Judge Todorova for years failed to give a logical answer to the violation of the law, but only said that the published statement is in a working version.

Meanwhile, the president of the Supreme Court for Cassation (PSC) Lausan Panov has demanded an immediate hearing of the chief judge Inspector Theodora Tochkova.

The Law on the Judiciary explicitly states that the declarations are published on the website of the Inspectorate of the Supreme Judicial Council (ISJC) Compliance with Data Protection Requirements ".


This is unlikely to be a random exit, because in the name of its declarative file – besides its three names – "NE SE CHISTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" is also recorded.

Such verification may mean two things – "not clean" in the sense that personal data can not be cleared for professional incapacity or "not clean" in the sense that the data from Judge Todorova's statement should not be removed. In both hypotheses, the NMSC should have been aware that the declaration will be published with personal data.


The report found that none of the 4406 other declarations marked "NE SE CHISTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" does not exist.

Judge Miroslava Todorova is the former president of the Union of Judges in Bulgaria. Due to her bright position in defending judicial independence and insisting on investigating corruption scandals in the system, Judge Todorova has been under constant pressure for the past nearly ten years. A series of disciplinary procedures have been initiated against her. In 2012, she was fired, and after the court annulled the dissolution, she was dismissed in court in Sofia. Todorova became the first judge against whom an investigation was initiated, and then a disciplinary procedure following the signal of the chief prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov.

Judge Todorova's personal data and her family's personal information were likely to be available to the public as of July 15 – that is the date when the IJC is obliged to publish the statements of the judges.

Capital sent questions to the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data as to whether the ISJC was questioned regarding the expiry of personal data and whether to form a case.

The ISJC comments that they understood this morning for the published statement and began to check it out. Then, Judge Todorova's statement was removed, and all statements by judges, prosecutors and investigators became inaccessible. It's strange that the declarations of conflict of interest and staff in the administration of the ISJC have been removed.

At the end of the working day, the court inspectorate sent a statement stating that "the passage is permitted, and the work file of the statement is published, and not the final version with the deleted data, so that the file name is in the work option".

The judges commented that the declarations were submitted through the ISJC on paper and electronically. In this situation, there is an absolute mystery about what forces someone to "work" on declarations, and then even less to clean them. Personal data fields can be automatically deleted and no human intervention is required.

The statement stated that "all administrative measures have been taken to determine the cause of the omission, and an inspection is carried out and, depending on the results, action will be taken."

The answer to the ISJC is not clear what the NE SE CHISTIIIII command means. The announcement of the institution concerns only a violation of the law in relation to Judge Todorova, and not to other members of her family.

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