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bTV shuts it down without Slavs, saving tonight's rating …

The nightly ratings of bTV ryazko are closing next to "Slavi Show". Although the television production boasted good results, it did turn out to be the reality show of the psychologist Ani Vladimirirova, who went to Dalgia's place on Wednesday and Thursday, but was in the background on his own.

New Year's Eve instead of "True Stories" is leading Ani Vladimirovich Shaylo to start a new lecture, the keys to the TV set. The work behind him was loaded with Krasi Vankov, to whom his mother Efir dances in the reality series "Sofia Day and Night" and the series "Stay on the Cross".

The new show Shaylo is going to be staged in a humorous style as the other two – as amateurs instead of the same actresses, but the subject matter is crime-ridden. The idea was to represent what really happened, in which the names of the girls were changed, and the cheeks themselves were played in front of the camera.

This is exactly the idea of ​​a huge hour of episodes of "Crucifixion", aired on New TV, but not only criminal but also other types of personal plays, write Weekend.

Days before the idea of ​​switching to "True Stories" from the program's scheme came to fruition, BBC One was boasting about the order, the most-watched television site. The media unveiled the ratings for September, according to which Ani Vladimirovska's lecture is eighth in the Top 10 of the most watched reality shows and catchy programs.

Specialists in both countries seem very uninformed about the given denominations. "If he is successful, will they change him?"

Look, the serial of the new TV series "Honorable Mention", which features the emblem of "True Stories", has been hit hard by the ratings of the competition. Everything is going well, so a successful production run would not be possible in a competition with "Slavy Show", which did not have a chance to talk about "Lords of Ephira".

"Dalgia was unpublished! If she had stayed on BBC One, Nova would certainly not have been allowed to air a series of 22 hours in the evening, because nobody would have watched it," convinced many television viewers.

It is indicative, for the time being, of the Top 10, which has traditionally been preserved at BBC One lectures, it now has a total of three competition programs – "Masked Warrior", "Extinct Life" and "Volleyball" .

Unlike "Real Stories", which is produced by "Herma" bosses Ivan Hristov and Andrei Arnaudov, "Comics and Friends", which runs on Monday at the "Slow Show", is unnoticed television.

He was seeing a golden chicken cat in BTV – his rating is unbroken, independent day in and day out.


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