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bTV finds no replacement for Slav, fills hole with …

Slavy Trifonov remains without air replacement for you until spring. Television already has a contract with Magurdic Halvadzijan for a new evening show, but it proved impossible to prepare until September.

So whether it's a delay of a few months, so the show will start in the spring season.

Until then, the hole will be filled by Yubo Neikov and the Comedians, writes Weekend.

According to the original plan, BTV's new evening show was due to begin on September 16, when all the shows that went on holiday during the summer will be on air again. The team got together a month ago, but its pace of work has made it clear that it can't be done on time with the scenery, sketches and complete scripts for the most important editions.

The look of the studio was particularly problematic. Producer Maggie Halvajajan, as well as the BBC administration, retained much of the studio's layout, but since the show would be copyrighted, there would be no way to use ready-made ideas but to rely on completely new scenes that are still present. in progress. will be invented.

The condition was that they had nothing to do with the Slavy Show studio or any show that Maggie Halvajjian had already done. Once the concept has been clarified, it will take time for the scenery to be worked out, with less than a month left until September.

"The time will not come!" Drew Halvajan, who strongly bet on the new show and flatly refused to tarnish it. At first, you tried to argue with him, but then you decided that it was better to postpone the beginning than to postpone it.

So in the end, she agreed to postpone the spring TV season – the end of February or early March.

What is now known for sure about the new show is that it will not be directed by Dimitar Rachkov. You wouldn't want to bet so much on New TV's competitors. Nencho Balabanov is best suited for the post at least for now.

The young actor has already told the newspaper that he will not refuse an offer to stage a performance at Slavi Trifonov. However, whether the new show will be Nencho's show is still uncertain. Other candidates are trying to seize the post and it will be clear just before the start, who will be in charge.

Against the backdrop of this feverish preparation, the question arises as to what will air from 10.30am until 11.30pm until the new program is fully prepared. The seat belt, as usual, was the still available trump card of the BBC You Yobo Nekov. Starting this fall, his comedians will air each business day at 10.30am, according to well-known sources.

However, as the show is only half an hour away, and because of the huge workload of actors outside television, it can't be twice as long and everything up – daily, the rest of the time will be filled with a comedy series.

When the new evening show kicks off, Comedians will return to their old broadcast – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10pm.


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