Friday , January 22 2021

Botev (Plovdiv) – CSKA 3: 2, Goal on Dore!

90 + 3 & # 39;

End of the match!

Victory for Botev (Plovdiv)!

Botev (Plovdiv) defeated CSKA 3: 2

Big football, 5 goals, 2 penalties and one red card … Botev and CSKA will settle their dispute over the place in the final in Sofia!

Aim and help for Todor Nedelev

90 + 1 & # 39;

Lyaskov replaced Raphael.

88 & # 39;

Goal in favor of the hosts …

He was not considered.

The ball left a preview of the pitch before returning to play, and then put it on the net.

84 & # 39;


3: 2!

Helps Nedelev and the purpose of Dore!

The attacker who entered the reserve marks the hosts!

81 & # 39;

Thomas changed Atanasov.

79 & # 39;

Dobrev changed Tonev.

70 & # 39;

Filipov changes Perira.

69 & # 39;


2: 2!

Scary gun Pinto with a free kick!

The result is flat!

What a static performance!

68 & # 39;

Evanro changed the sow.

67 & # 39;

Yellow card for Dimitrov.

Foul shot at the border of the strike.

A dangerous situation.

66 & # 39;

Malinov focused on sowing with a stroke.

He plays with the heel.

The defender of Botev (Pd) cleans in the front positions.

Photo 418765

65 & # 39;

Voutov returns to Nedelev.

He shoots!

The ball passes from the opponent's door.

63 & # 39;

The income is changing Cardoso.

61 & # 39;

Ali Sow shoot!

The ball flies in the beam!

In an effort to clear the ball, she is in the hands of the host of the player.

Jonathan Pereira is this.

There is no punishment.

Ljuboslav Penev is crazy on the side line!

59 & # 39;

Yellow ball for Tonev.

54 & # 39;

Blow to Tonev!

The ball passes by the opponent's door.

The learned situation in which Tonev received a pass from Nedelev.

53 & # 39;

The bakery, which has been handed over, is officially warned for the second time.

He left the field.

50 & # 39;

A few consecutive attacks on CSKA on the right-hand side.

Malinov is out in the attack plan.

Penev's interesting approach at the start of the second 45 minutes.

48 & # 39;

Ambush of Baltanov.

Correct judge's decision on the side.

45 & # 39;

The game is renewed.

45 + 1 & # 39;

The first half began to promise, with much action on both doors, and then the expectations for a successful match were fully justified.

The result was discovered in 14 minutes, when Marin was shot by Borbadziski in a strike and from the white point Nedelev made no mistake. Cherniyaskas took the corner, but not the ball, as the "canaries" came out in the result.

A discussion followed in half of the "Army". Stoicho Atanasov started hit Pereira's elbow, but he was officially not warned about his actions.

In the 26th minute, despite the persistence of the "reds" in the attack, they failed, but again their rival reached the goal. His author was Antonio Wautov. He got a good shot in the penalty area, turned the defender before him, then deceived the goalkeeper and sent the ball into the net.

The guests claimed that Pereira had committed an injury in crossing Voutov.

In the 33rd minute, Sofia residents were allowed a penalty kick after Jonathan Penalties in the penalty spot. Ali Suva dismissed the penalty in a superb manner and returned the "Army" of the match.

At the very end of the half, Plovdiv players could once again achieve a clear goal on goal, but defense of the opponent managed to catch up.

45 & # 39;


44 & # 39;

Yellow card for Terziev.

42 & # 39;

Pressure the hosts at the end of the first half.

They require a refund of the difference of two hits.

37 & # 39;

Centers Nedelev.

Baltanov hit his head!

The ball goes to the door.

Good game to the captain of the canals.

33 & # 39;


2: 1!

Reach Sow from the white spot!

CSKA returns to the match!

32 & # 39;


Play Pereira with your hand in the field!

26 & # 39;


2: 0!

Reach Antonio Vutov!

He was excited in a great way, deflected the defender before him, then deceived the goalkeeper and doubled the advantage of his team in the result.

Fans of hosts are in ecstasy!

25 & # 39;

Jorgino penetrated the right wing of his team.

Trying to center.

He did not find any of his three teammates.

Weak passes from his side.

21 & # 39;

Malinov shoots from a direct free kick.

The ball passes by the opponent's door.

Quality performance of national.

20 & # 39;

The cameras captured Stolel's insufficient step.

What exactly told Judge Yordanov …

19 & # 39;

Aggressive actions of Stojco Atanasov.

He was not warned by an arbitrator, although he attacked the elbow against the opponent's body.

17 & # 39;

Yellow ball for Jenny Bickel.

17 & # 39;

Official warning for Turisov.

14 & # 39;


1: 0!

Todor Nedelev gives preference to "canaries"!

The state marks the white dot.

13 & # 39;

DPSPA in favor of Botev (Plovdiv)!

Marin falls into the penalty box and Jordanov signals a violation of the rules!

10 & # 39;

Sunday is wrong in the middle of the pitch.

His ball is taken away.

The team leader of Plovdiv, however, catches his opponent, corrects the inaccuracies in his performance and wins for the benefit of his team.

7 & # 39;

Shock from a very distant distance.

The show was on Tonev.

The ball goes away from the red door.

5 & ​​# 39;

Sunday shoot!

The ball goes into the body of Atanasov and goes into the corner.

Nothing interesting about the static situation.

4 & # 39;

Cardoso also returned to defense to help his teammates.

The host host runs the whole wing.

Cover the left part of the field.

3 & # 39;

Ali Soy goes alone against Daniel Kaiser!

He tried to hit the ball.

She goes away from Botev's door (Pd).

2 & # 39;

Cardoso Fouli Chorbadziski.

It will be a serious test for Red Defenders who have not played for a relatively long time.

1 & # 39;

Todor Nedelev gets a T-shirt with number 200.

So many meetings are already the leader of the team with the club jersey.

1 & # 39;

First Crucial Signal!

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