Saturday , June 12 2021

Botas by pole position: This was not my best qualification

Walter Botas
photo: Mercedes

Walter Botas advanced to the Sahir Grand Prix, defeating Org Russell and Max Verstappen. The difference between the three was insignificant, but enough for Walteri’s 16th pole position.

“It was not one of my best qualifiers, but I’m glad it was good enough. The situation is different, but I wanted to focus on what I was doing and not devote energy to anything else, and I managed to do that. In terms of strategy, we look good. “It’s good to see that George George is also in the front row.”

The Finn did not have a car in front of him and could not take advantage of the withdrawal effect, which caused him to lose time on the rights. He said this himself and added that he wasted time entering the 7th and 10th turns.

Org Russell recorded the highest ranking in his career. He will start second after being only 0.026 behind Botas.

“I tried a lot of things in the third training session that didn’t work out, so I’m happy. Overall, I managed to do everything right in the last round. I was defeated by 26,000, but if he had told me last week that I would finish second, I would have accepted it. I am satisfied! “Let’s see what I can do tomorrow.”

The Briton said that Mercedes did not set a goal for him and said that they would be happy to enter the top 6.

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