Sunday , May 9 2021

Borisa Tjutundzieva showed a PHOTO to her baby

The beautiful model Borisa Tjutundzieva revealed that she gave birth. He did this through a photo of the baby on his social media profile.

To date, nothing is clear about the baby except his leg, which Tyutundzieva showed on her profile. She does not share the baby’s name or gender, but simply writes “Everything” along with a few white hearts.

Naturally, everyone congratulates the happy mother on the event and wishes her little baby to be very healthy and to grow up smiling forever.

BLIC reminds that recently Borisa posted a spicy shot in her profile on the network, where she has a pregnant belly and a beautiful engagement ring on her finger.

“Love brings love! I have everything I want and I love everything I have. All I need is a pure heart,” the beauty wrote, and by showing it, she caused a wave of positive reactions and congratulations.

It is not certain who is the father of the baby, but according to rumors it is about the young businessman Mario Zaharinov – son of Dimitrina Zaharinova, who became famous in 2006 during the corruption scandal with the former head of the National Revenue Agency Marija Murgina. Zaharinova was her right hand.

It is rumored that Borisa became the mother of a little girl. We hope to find out soon.

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