Thursday , November 26 2020

Black Sea – Botev (Vratsa) 2: 1, Kurir bomb!

90 + 3

Tournament: Group

90 + 3

Last Judicial Signal.

Victory for the Black Sea.

The Black Sea beat Botev (Vratsa) 2: 1

Kurir bomb shakes Tica, Marines’ No. 5 win of the season

Success with 2: 1 for Varna

90 + 2

Vassilev replaces Kurir.

90 + 1

Georgiev replaces Kasmi.


The extension will be 3 minutes.


Marinov replaces Tom.


Villela replaces Iliev r.unior.



2: 1!

Goal number 13 in the season for Courier!

Exceptional blow to the attacker!

He caught the ball from the air with his right foot and shot Korolev.

There is no chance for the opposing goalkeeper who showed serious skills.


Yellow card for Milanov.



Dimov directs the ball with his head, Korolev fails to intervene decisively, but luck covers Vratsa.


Bozhilov replaces Andrade.


Ambush of Kurir.


Several consecutive midfield fouls.

The game fell apart.

Prolonged attacks are almost non-existent.


Mihailov replaces Gadzhev.


Yellow card for Gadzhev.


Danger in front of Korolev’s door!

Kurir’s shot was saved.

Velev’s addition was also reflected by the guard.


Panayotov bomb shot from the edge of the penalty area!

The ball goes past the door.

Strong start in the second 45 minutes for the hosts.


Atanasov replaces Nenov.


Burov was replaced by Genov.


Korolev replaces Mitov.


How the odds changed for each of the two teams at the beginning of the second half – see HERE!


Start of the second 45 minutes.

45 + 3

The first half started with massive pressure from the hosts, who pushed their opponent in their half.

Centering on the Courier was a great weapon for the “sailors”, as they used mainly the right zone of their attack.

The striker of the “green and whites”, however, often fell into an ambush, and only in the first half it happened to him 4 times.

In one of the actions for Varna, the addition of Courier in perspective again made the player use the full amplitude of his stretching to reach the ball, and in the end he did so, but not wanting to injure the opponent’s goalkeeper with the buttons.

The guard was given medical assistance as he continued to attend the meeting, and traces of the injury were visible in the area of ​​the ribs.

After 32 minutes of play the score was opened. After Kasmi tried twice with strong shots on the diagonal, in his third shot he found the ball well and it became difficult to save himself from the goalkeeper of Vratsa, because the Black Sea deservedly, in terms of what was shown on the field, came out with an advantage in the result.

Botev’s players in several separate cases tried to interfere with the young goalkeeper of the hosts Dicevski, but he showed enviable skills and did well.

However, during the first half, when he centered from a corner, the boy jumped to catch the ball, it slipped, bounced in N’Diaye’s head and fell into the net for 1: 1.

Thus, at the break, neither team had an advantage over the opponent, in terms of results, but the hosts were far more active on the field.

45 + 2


45 + 1


1: 1!

Hitting N’Diaye!

Dicevski boxed the ball after a cross from a corner, the ball bounced in the head of the guest player and entered the net.


Yellow card for Velev.


Ilijan Iliev Jr. moves to Kurir.

It separates inches with the ball.

Another action of the hosts.


A new attempt by Kasmi to disturb the goalkeeper of Vratsa.

This time he surprised everyone with a blow.

The ball goes for a corner kick.



1: 0!

Kasmi reveals the result!

Hit the Black Sea football player!

With a strong blow on the diagonal!


New ambush for Kurir.



Speed ​​attack for the guests, at the top of which is Nenov.

His blow hit the door frame.


Centering in the penalty area.

The ball is kicked out of play.

Reaches Kasmi, who shoots hard on the diagonal!

The goalkeeper kills, and when he tries to pass, Kurir gets an unpleasant blow to the face.

He received medical treatment and the game continues.


Ambush of Kurir.


Yellow card for Burov.


Kurir’s actions were not intentional.

He apologized to the guard of Vratsa.

The game continues.


Attacking on the wing and focusing on the back of the net – this is the tactic of the day.

On one of the passes, the goalkeeper of the “sailors” threw himself, trying to reach the ball, but he fouled the opponent’s goalkeeper.

He received an official warning from Volen Chinkov.


The ambush of Pedro.


Midfield collision.

Nenov remains lying on the grass.

The intervention of the medical team is needed.


Attempt to take a pass to Tom.

Dicevski comes out and throws a pass, holding the ball confidently in his hands.


Ambush of Kurir.


Start of the meeting.


Who is the favorite of the match, see HERE!

The Black Sea hosts Botev (Vratsa) at the efbet league meeting. The task for the coach of Varna Ilijan Iliev in the match is not easy.

The “sailors” must win the three points if they do not want to lag behind in the fight for the top six, but they must do so in the background of the serious personnel crisis that the team has faced.

The coach must order a combat formation in the absence of as many as 8 players who have been eliminated from the group for the match.

Ilian Iliev determined the group on the Black Sea for the upcoming match with Botev (Vratsa)

Ilian Iliev determined the group on the Black Sea for the upcoming match with Botev (Vratsa)

The “sailors” camp has many personnel problems

Both goalkeepers Georgi Georgiev and Ivan Dulgerov and Dani Kiki are infected with coronavirus.

Stefan Stanchev, Miroslav Enchev, Vlatko Drobarov, Rodrigo Enrique and Ismail Isa suffer from various injuries.

Photo 503218

Thus, 19-year-old Ivan Dicevski, who has played 2 matches in his professional career so far, will stand at the door of Varna.

Ivan Dichevski: I am ready!  No need to worry

19-year-old will defend for the Black Sea against Botev (Vratsa)

“I already have two official matches behind me”

His last appearance in the First League was at the end of June at home against Ether (2: 2). His reserve will be Stefan Petkov from the club school.

Who is the favorite of the match, you can see here!

There are big problems in the center of defense as well. Due to the absence of Stanchev, Enchev and Drobarov, in practice the only option for Ilijan Iliev as a partner of Captain Daniel Dimov is Emil Jancev.

Nominally, the 21-year-old is a midfielder, but the position of central defender is not alien to him. Things are better for the Black Sea in the middle of the field, where choosing a coach is more important.

Cvetomir Panov signed with the Black Sea again

Cvetomir Panov signed with the Black Sea again

He played 50 matches for the championship with the team of Varna Panov

Stefan Velev and Vasil Panayotov will play in the center of the midfield, and the role of playmaker in front of them will be played by Ilijan Iliev Jr.

The two sailors’ wings in the front positions will have a completely Portuguese look in the faces of Rodrigo Villela and Leandro Andrade, and the goal scorer Matthias Kurir will play at the top of the attack in search of his next goals this season.

Despite all the problems, Tica can not afford not to win the third consecutive match if they do not want to make the goal he set quite difficult. Currently, the Black Sea is 3 points behind Arda and Beroe, who, however, have one game less.

BFU wants Ilijan Iliev for a new national coach?

BFU wants Ilijan Iliev for a new national coach?

The other option is Aleksandar Dimitrov

In the meantime, two starters will keep under control the coach of Botev (Vratsa) Antoni Zdravkov for today’s visit. These are the offensive players and the main figures in the team – Daniel Genov and Petar Atanasov.

They are injured, but they left for Varna with the team, and Suhija hopes that they will be ready, because otherwise the situation for Vratsa becomes quite complicated. Captain and main striker Valeri Domovciski is out due to injury. He recently dropped the trunk, which helped him recover faster.

Valeri Domovchiski returns to the game in December

Valeri Domovchiski returns to the game in December

Can take part in the match against Lokomotiv (Pd)

Title goalkeeper Krasimir Kostov has a coronavirus, while the pillar in the defense Ventislav Kerchev has been punished. He was sent off in a 5-1 defeat to Arda on November 2.

After that, however, the match between Vratsa and Slavija was postponed due to the number of infected people in Sofia, so the defender could not withstand the sanction.

The infection with KOVID-19 reached Botev (Vratsa)

The infection with KOVID-19 reached Botev (Vratsa)

The training process will be resumed

After the injury, the experienced Hristo Zlatinski returns, but he is still not one hundred percent ready and will almost certainly remain in reserve.

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