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Beroe – Arda: The starting lineup is straightforward

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Tournament: A group


12 Dusan Pernish

1 Ivan Karadzhov

3 Milen Jelev

22 Atanas Krstev

4 Erol Alkan

25 Matthew Leoni

6 Alexander Cvetkov

71 Plamen Krumov

9 Martin Kamburov

24 Elias Hasani

17 Ibrahim Conte

11 Alexander Georgiev

19 Alexander Vasilev

20 Dejan Lozev

28 Ruben Brigido

27 Emil Martinov

59 Ahmed Touba

Ivan Kokonov

73 Ivan Minchev

33 Darren Sydowell

Pedro Eugenio

99 Radoslav Vasilev


Dimitrov Dimitrov

Stamen Belchev


Ivan Goshev

91 Nikolai Bankov

10 Henderson Viana

6 Conrad Randall

Ivan Bandalovski

4 Milen Stowe

14 Subsequent Omnebes

8 Roman Hovsepyan

18 Petko Jankov

Ahmed Osman

Georgi Angelov

15 Lucas Martins

94 Lilian Nenov

45 Ilysha Alone

Beroe was upgraded to Arda today at 12:45 pm on the 16th of the championship.

Old Zagorians and technical guests are completely behind another temporal classification of 7th and 8th positions, respectively 21 and 19 points in active.

Both teams do not settle for the best season of the season. Beroe has recorded one win and 3 losses in his last 4 matches in the league.

In Arda it is all worse, it has a draw and 3 wickets on its account.

Arzas defeated its opponent at the Lokomotiv Stadium in Plovdiv in a categorical 3: 1 draw.

This is also the only match between the two elite teams to date.

The housewives have only one problem and that is the sarcasm of Carlos Ohene's contusion, which takes away the accounts of Tozy Mach.

Arda does not have major problems and only Mikhail Alexandrov is out for a traumatic injury.

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