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Aventus spotted Brescia guest 2: 1

Schwentz was hanged in Kalcho for a while. Maurizio Surrey's selection made a fresh turnaround, with Brescia's 2: 1 guest appearance that night.

The "Bianconeri" are justified in giving up when Donaruma shoots Hon. The "Old Lady" demonstrates both experience and mastery, thanks to which Hanselor's triumphant mare triumphs and Miralem Panic's triumphant fall. The victory for the "Zebras" was achieved by the contusion of Cristiano Ronaldo. The official debut of Brescia's team made Mario Balotelli's scandal.

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Mario Rigamonti's typhoons are hardly a dream come true for Kato Tozi, which happened in the 4th minute. The housewives' star Donaruma kicked Romulo off a good shot, followed by a heavy blow, followed by Alex Sandro's touch and Schchesen's inept intent, scoring a goal for Brescia.

Andrea Pirlo announces his football successor

Andrea Pirlo announces his football successor

"Hi, this is Frankie De Jong."

She wastes no time and squeezes the door to the stern. Dibala advanced into the backfield, but his shot was blocked, and Rabio was given a comfortable high shot in the offseason. In the 12th minute Higuain came in, but Hesse Foroneen made a great save.

Maurizio Surrey had minor problems a little later, when Danilo was forcibly replaced by Juan Quadrado.

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"The Old Lady" has fulfilled its purpose again, and the infestation is burning to the ground. The "Bianconeri" fired a shot in the 40th minute, with Hanselor scoring a goal to score a goal.

The Turin were too ambitious to shake their eyes, after Gonzalo Higuain's pause was struck by Forroneen's perfect intent.

The goal of the champions was again fulfilled in the 63rd minute. Miralem Panyic proved the exact same after a rebound from a foul on Dibala. Bosnia set a strong cross between players, and this fatal to Foronen's spectacle and helped end 1-1.

In the wake of Zwentus's bloodshed there is SPAL housekeeping. Brescia measures the strength of the other favorite for Scudetto – Napoli.

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1: 0 Donaruma (4 "), 1: 1 Chansellor – own goal (40"), 1: 2 Panyich (63 ")

STADION: "Mario Rigamonti"

SWIFT: 1. Pascua

Breasts: Horonen, Mattezu, Chansellor, Pistana, Sabeli, Desena, Tonali, Bisoli, Romulo, Donaruma, Balotelli (Reservations: Alfonso, Aceh, Gastaldello, Martella, Matri, Morozini, Spalek, Umrjhal)

ZVENTUS: Honesty, Danilo, Bonucci, De Liecht, Alex Sandro, Kedira, Panic, Rabio, Dibala, Ramzi, Higuain (Reservations: Buffon, Bentancourt, Bernardesque, Djan, Cuarado, Demiral, Matzidi, Penzolio, Rugani)

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