Saturday , September 18 2021

Ankankov proposes expert commission with Ivan Kostov and Oresharski to assist Bulgarian government

Djankov proposed an expert commission with Ivan Kostov and Oresharski to assist the government

© Nadezhda Chipeva, Capital

The Minister of Finance in the first cabinet of Boyko Borisov Simeon Djankov proposed the creation of an expert commission that will help the government deal with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus. In an interview with BTV, the economist suggested that he take part in it himself, as well as the prime ministers who went through periods of crisis, and pointed out Ivan Kostov and Plamen Oresharski as such.

According to him, these are people who can help with good advice, because they have participated in state processes and know the structure of the state well. According to him, there are similar expert commissions in other countries. Kostov and Oresharski are former prime ministers and former finance ministers.

Djankov also said he expects the tax to increase in about two years, as many social benefits were increased during the crisis. He pointed out that the VAT is likely to be raised, as the Bulgarian budget is designed in such a way that most of the money in it can come from VAT.

The former finance minister expressed hope that the banks were strong enough at the moment to avoid a crisis in the sector.

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