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An unexpected marriage proposal with the Enrique Iglesias concert in Sofia – Curious


Several Bulgarians joined the grand concert of Enrique Iglesias in Sofia. In 15,000 people, Bozhidar asked for a friend of Nona's friend whom they know from school.

The young girl said yes to the cousin to her partner and then applauded everyone present in the room.

For the second time during a concert of a popular performer in Bulgaria, a marriage proposal appears.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

Georgi Dimitrov /

A few minutes after the joyous news of future costumes, Latino's long-awaited performer appeared on stage, and thousands of fans at Arena Armeec Hall were euphoric.

The good atmosphere was enhanced by a rich set, an amazing display of light and piroeffects.

Enrique Iglesias lives in Sofia

Enrique greeted the audience several times, sipping from a small cup

with the replica "Cheers, Bulgaria", pronounced in Bulgarian.

While his tour was titled "All The Hits Live", Enrique sang several of his biggest hits, including "Bailando", "Ring my bells", "Heartbeat", "I Like how it feel" Radio ".

Enrique Iglesias with proud admiration for Anna Kournikova

The star often left the crowd, and two scenes at the other end of the room gave everyone the opportunity to see him closely.

Enrique Iglesias helps needy children

The culmination of the evening was the performance of his ballad "Hero", on which the world-famous singer chose a 17-year-old girl on the stage, which she devoted to the song and danced with her.


After 2 hours of intense emotions and dances, Enrique Iglesias's fans left the room with their faces lit and wide smiles.

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

Georgi Dimitrov /

It was another completely sold-out Enrique concert in Sofia. His "All The Hits Live" tour has been very successful all over Europe.

Iglesias visited Bulgaria at the invitation of the production company ART BG and Radio Energy, on the occasion of the 13th birthday of the station number one for the favorite music of the 90s to this day.

Happy news for Enrique Iglesias, who surprised his fans

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