Saturday , April 17 2021

AMD Chinese partners will not receive the Zen + and Zen 2 architecture

General Director of AMD Lisa Su in an interview with Tom Hardware said the company will not sell the licenses to its latest x86 CPU architecture for China.

Three years ago, in 2016, China and AMD founded Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Co. Ltd. (THATIC) for the development and manufacturing of processors. AMD has sold China to the Zen Chip Zen license for $ 293 million plus licenses for each processor. To date, AMD has received about $ 60 million in the deal.

Lisa Su pointed out that according to the THATIC agreement, it is envisaged to license the technology of only one generation of processors. Thus, the Chinese company has access to the architecture of Zen processors that can be used to produce chips for servers and workstations. It seems that China has no Zen + licenses and a promising Zen 2 architecture.

Against the backdrop of a deepened trade war between the United States and China, licensing the latest Advanced Micro Devices technology is unlikely.

Chinese processors Hygon with Zen architecture with Socket SP3, just like the original AMD processors. The only difference between the license copy and the original is that Hygon uses Chinese data encryption standards.

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