Thursday , February 20 2020
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Amazon has introduced its own version of Wi-Fi

Amazon has introduced its own wireless networking system to make downloading a set of needy smart instances easier.

Amazon Sidewalk is a new network protocol with extremely low power consumption, which uses the 900 MHz frequency, to allow the utilities in your home to communicate with each other.

The Sidewalk Company will be able to use the home areas as well, as its functions will be able to support the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept.

At this point there is logic, as the frequency of 900 MHz is low, which is to say that the new technology will have a huge impact. Many users are expressing their pressures, as the high frequencies of wireless WiFi networks (2.4 and 5.0 GHz, and almost 6 GHz) can have disastrous effects on the sound, but the theses fears are unfounded.

In the name of superstition

"The scorpions do not recognize us, we are not only cheerful – our hips are cheerful. From the lights in the back yard, to the traffic lights that control the lighthouses, you have a need for fast, fast and secure connections, ”said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos during a tech-savvy show.

Amazon Surfaces in the Face of Sidewalk A real alternative to conventional WiFi and Bluetooth networks, which strives to deliver technology to the needs of those who want to enable a multitude of simultaneous, high-speed services.

The company is overdrive, as Sidewalk will ensure the utmost security and stability of your smartphones, as it will drastically reduce the battery life of your mobile devices thanks to its low power consumption.

Amazon has just unveiled a case of Sidewalk launching a smartwatch for home-based followers that could allow business owners to relax for the time being.

Sidewalk will also allow users to create trouble-free guest networks, making it possible for most modern WiFi routers.

The company plans to publish everything on the Sidewalk protocol online so it will allow third-party vendors to use it in their products.

It's not clear how Sidewalk will work with Amazon's proprietary Wi-Fi router Eero on Amazon, but yesterday the company unveiled a new and modernized version of its router, offering a lot of low-cost and lightweight, low-cost models.

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