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Amazon accidentally sold $ 94 for $ 94

This week, Amazon offered great sales The Prime Minister, with some users succeeding in taking advantage of the best offers in their lives. Due to a price error, many people could only buy $ 95 high-quality sets with sophisticated and advanced digital camera equipment, some of which cost over $ 5,000.

It all started with the fact that someone noticed Sony a6000 16-50mm digital camera at a price of $ 550 for sale for just $ 94.50. The photographer immediately shared the link (still active) so that others could benefit. The cameras were immediately redeemed at this symbolic price.

It turned out that the magical price in question $ 94.50 applies not only to foreign sellers, but also to the goods of the Amazon. People quickly noticed that many other digital cameras and expensive equipment for them also sold for $ 94.50. And the real madness started here.

"There are literally whole pages with an optical price of $ 94.48," said the user of Slickdeals. "I bought a $ 10,000 technique for just $ 900!"

There are other examples.

"I got a lens that costs $ 13,000 for just $ 94," says another user who bought the powerful EF EF 800mm f / 5.6L IS telephoto lens. "LOL, I expect the cancellation of the order – this is a 99.3% discount!".

Another forum participant decided to consult with Amazon's technical support regarding its order. He received official confirmation that the order had been accepted, the goods had been paid and had already been sent to him. Confirmations for successful orders also appeared in different media. Fuji rumored that photographer Cody McGee could only buy a $ 94.48 Fujifilm X100F digital camera, which costs $ 1299.

Almost immediately after giving the order, McGee received a SMS from the courier service of the UPS waiting for delivery.

A Slickdeals user called Steeve ordered a $ 94.48 Canon EOS R with a price of $ 2,000 and soon afterwards received confirmation that the parcel already travels:

Many Slickdeals users say these orders will be canceled by Amazon, but the giant has a long history of price error, but it's too bizarre but never canceled orders.

The photos have already begun to receive those $ 94.48 paid orders. They often post photos of the technique. One of them showed the two sets of Sony a6000 (2000 dollars), for which he paid for $ 94.48. But then he saw that another optics was sold at the same price. Immediately ordered the Sony a6500 ($ 2000) with a lens of 10-18mm, then Sony a7 ($ 2000) without lens, and Sony a9 with a lens of 24-70mm f / 2.8mm ($ 5500). Everything is again at a price of $ 94.58.

You have received some orders. First arrived Sony a7 and 10-18mm lens.

"I'm sure the others made even better purchases," he wrote. "Amazon blocked my account because it assumed that someone hacked and made big orders in my name. And there were 9, Nikon Z6 and Canon EOS R with a total price of just $ 300. I did not have to be so late in paying. I unwind, they closed the account. "

In theory, these orders could be canceled and money returned to customers. But if the goods are already in the courier services Amazon can not do anything. By law, this already paid technique must be guaranteed to arrive at the recipient. However, many Slickdeals who had already received the equipment waited with bent fingers, whether Amazon would think of anything and would require it to be returned. Nothing happened.

The theme of the Slickdeals forum for Abnormal Sale of Amazon has collected more than 250,000 reviews and more than 1300 reviews before it is outdated (the sale is over). And now the forum is filled with greetings to all those who managed to get the equipment, as well as disappointed photographers who missed this important event.

Interestingly, almost everyone who has the opportunity to buy photographic equipment at this incredible discount does not enjoy so much of the purchase, because he regrets that they have not already bought … Somehow nobody is particularly happy and after the sale in practice they are bitter and very sorry that you missed taking more. Even the previously mentioned user, who had the opportunity to buy several cameras and lenses, does not boast about them and does not share what they will record, and most regrets that there are more goods in his virtual basket that he could take before Amazon to block his account.

But now other opinions have started to appear. People began to suspect that this was not a mistake, but very cunning and slim marketing is moving towards Amazon. In the comments, the version is considered that this is not a decision of a person or marketing department, but a solution to a modern neural network.

"Imagine creating a nervous network that deals with pricing and can analyze human psychology and behavior. Has it not calculated that selling a small product at a discount of ~ 99% is more profitable than selling more products at a small discount (10-25% ) If so, it can be said that a reliable way of influencing the psychology of the crowd has been found. From there, there is very little government, "one of the participants in the forum said.

And how do you think? Is this a price error or a silly marketing move?

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