Sunday , May 9 2021

All the fans are crying after this news about Tolgahan Saishman

Famous Turkish actor Tolgahan Saшşman, remembered as рanar from the Turkish TV series “Seasons of Love” and Yit from “Now and Forever”, announced that he is turning his back on his acting career to develop his own real estate and textile business. .

This was written by the Turkish website Gece, quoted by Trud bg.

Local media suggest that Tolgahan Seischman made this decision after the failure of the last series with his participation – “Word of Honor”.

A huge budget has been invested in this photo – an island with an area of ​​480 thousand square meters was rented, on which the whole city is built.

The producers of “Word of Honor” were simply sure that the recording with Tolgahan Saishman in the lead role would reach a high rating.

Despite all efforts, last week the series was recognized as a “failure of the year” and was taken off the air.

The previous project, in which Tolgahan Saishman took the lead role – “Champion”, was also not at the top of the rating, so the actor has reason to be disappointed. But in Turkish show business it is so – today you are at the top, tomorrow everyone forgets about you.

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