Wednesday , April 21 2021

A nutritional supplements against diet in the diet leads to diabetes – unusual

Propionate – a substance used as a bread baking additive to prevent the formation of mold, may lead to an increase in the level of hormones associated with the developmental risk obesity and diabetes. This was experimentally proven by scientists at Harvard University, RIA Novosti reported.

In the first experiment in laboratory mice, the propionate was injected, and laboratory rodents increased levels of hormones, including glucagon and norepinephrine, and the recently discovered FABP4 binding fatty acid protein.

These hormones contribute to the fact that liver cells in the mice begin to produce more glucose, leading to diabetic hyperglycaemia. In addition, the researchers found this regular dosing of propionate of mice equivalent to those normally consumed by people with bread leading to significant weight gain and insulin resistance.

The second study included 14 healthy volunteers. They are divided into two groups: one consumes food supplemented with one gram of propionate and the other with a placebo.

Participants in the scientific work took blood samples from volunteers before meals, during meals, and every 30 minutes in the next four hours after meals. As a result, the first group also appears to have elevated levels of hormones that cause metabolic disorders.

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