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A baby dolphin dies at the Dolphinarium in Varna, Bulgaria

Yes The 9-day-old elf died at the Varna Dolphinarium. This happened during one performance. The cause of death is thought to be a brain problem.

Since the beginning of the year, the sea has dumped 40 dead dolphins off the Bulgarian coast. The number is lower than in previous years, according to the Ministry of Economy.

The real treasure is to see a large group of dolphins swimming. But every year, many people witness the release of dead dolphins off the coast. Dimitar Popov is involved in an international project that studies the population of Black Sea cites. One question is how humans affect these mammals.

"The entanglement of cetaceans is mainly happening and it is fatal for them when they are hunted for turbochargers. greenhouses, ”Dimitar Popov of the Green Balkans told NOVA.

As part of the study, he boarded three fishing boats in the spring and summer to closely monitor the problem.

"At the beginning of July, when the launch of the networks began, I showed much higher levels – a total of 99 Mutkur people on some 43km of networks, which is one of the highest values ​​recorded in the Black Sea," Popov added.

On the one hand, fishing is necessary for human consumption, but on the other hand, even in legal fishing, dolphins can fall in front of the nets. 50 years of fishing, Petar Jungarov appreciates both his bread and nature.

Dolphins are an ecological system that is closed to the whole sea. If there are dolphins, then there is fish – dolphins have something to eat. Dolphins always push fish to shore. There are no harmful animals, only harmful people, the fisherman said.

The Department of Environment and Water did not investigate the cause of the dolphin's death, but said the animals were more victims of measles than human intervention.

"Massive infestation leads to mass mortality, otherwise there is no explanation why more young dolphins have died over the years," said Valeri Georgiev, head of biodiversity.

However, environmentalists say there is insufficient control over illegal fishing.

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