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292th Sermon on the Suffrage of Polfrisman – CDS and Procurator

An obituary for the 292nd robbery in connection with the Divine Liturgy of the Divine Liturgy was sent to the media.

He is a member of the Verkhovna Cassation Board, Verkhovna Administrative Council, Burgas Appeal Council, Sofia Appeal Council, District Council – Blagoevgrad, District Council – Burgas, Administrative District – Burgas, Administrative District – Burgas , Crossroads – Lovech, Crossroads – Ruse, Crossroads – Smolyan, Crossroads – Stara Zagora, Crossroads – Kystendil, Sofia City Crossroads, Sofia Crossroads, Crossroads – Crossroads, Crossroads – , Rajonen sd – Blagoevgrad, Rajonen sd – Urgas, Rayonen Syd – Varna, Rayonen Syd – Vidin, Rayonen Syd – Vratsa, Rayonen Syd – Upper Oryahovica, Rayonen Syd – Dryanovo, Rayonen Syd – Lovech, Raнеonen Sy – Ryйonen Syd Rajonen Syd – Zlatograd, Rajonen Syd – Ruse, Rajonen Syd – Razgrad, Rajonen Syd – Pelager, Rajonen Syd – Dupnitsa, Rajonen Syd – Kazanlъk.

Eto'o and full text of the obituary:

Enjoy, graders,

In recent days, in the wake of an act of conditional parole, we have witnessed widespread political abuse of the suffering of close-knit marriage partners, a sense of insecurity for lawmakers and limited access to legal services.

The result I see – instilling fear and disunity in Bulgarian society, mistrust and hatred, discrediting long-standing legal institutes, discrediting the state's responsibility to produce meaningful and meaningful work, years of social isolation for a lawful life so as not to pose a social danger, and on the other hand, to be close to the victims, so that they can continue to live a decent life following their unavoidable loss.

We do not deny the right of the citizens to engage in self-discourse about the meaning of justice and the maintenance of vindictive acts, for the purposes of punishment and the state policy for the successful resocialization of deprived persons.

We do not disparage the suffering of the relatives of the murdered young man and their right to bear the brunt of their tragic loss and death. The specific act of conditional release of the court for the purpose of committing a felony was served by various representatives of the political system solely for the purpose of redressing and preventing the membership of all members.

The created post is an indispensable right in the state, for except for short-sighted short-term political dividends it does not bring any social benefits – it does not reinforce the independence of the state, nor does it enlighten the politicians on the importance of the state. The net – in the final account – brings comfort to the victims' relatives and helps them to continue living the trauma well.

Honorable citizens, we do not allow ourselves to observe the act of sexuality, because we do not have such a right, we receive basic privileges, which, if they are unified, will not be subject to any kind of indictment, an economic and governmental resource to manipulate religious thinking to the benefit of the media, or to more aggressive religious groups.

1. Predatory worship involves the entry into force of the present. It is not a pardon, nor a revision of the approach, nor a reduction of punishment. The indictment continues to be in force, which is mandated to come into force. The consequence is that his prison sentence is unlikely to be imprisoned. Giving away the inexpressible hour of punishment is conditional upon a vicious scramble, which does not require another deliberate transgression, for which retribution is forbidden. If the condition is not fulfilled, you will get rid of it and remain in the punishment. The procedure's resonance is unconditional – the state's power to achieve correction is limited to the degree that it is desperately needed to achieve the goal of retribution; there are resources; helps maintain and supervise proper resocialization over the next several years of isolation, which ultimately reduces the risk of recurrence and guarantees safety.

2. Specific foresight worship is not an exception. Only on the day of the Session of the Sofia Court of Appeal, two such acts of affirmation were made. Since 1968, ten tens of thousands of precursors have been deployed. The Code of Conduct shall include the provisional release following the factual waiver of half of the injunction, in which case the default has not been effected in the event of a dangerous recidivism. Tova, who is now going to overestimate in accordance with Art. 70, al. 1 The Code of Practice is whether the court has "given evidence of its correction". The Tazzi judgment is the legal right of action and is based on the evidence of the offense and its legal significance.

3. As the Court of Appeal of Sofia has so far unilaterally exercised its legal right, there is no legitimate basis for it to order that the offense be resolved in a manner which is not in accordance with its internal conviction and established by law. The opposite is a "street" law, which does not guarantee the supremacy of law, does not guarantee equality of law before the law, does not bring justice, no punishment.

4. The prerequisites for lynching and self-talk are all inadmissible. This leads to dangerous escalation of stress and undermines the safety and personal integrity of the seats. You are frightened by a straightforward process, and not only by deeds – because the impression has been made that things can be quite unprofessional if they are physically conscious. Ladies and gentlemen, as the system of public administration has no power to guarantee the independence of all as a fundamental pillar of state law, we invite you to call for conscious and accountable human behavior and accountability.

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