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10 companies with interest to invest in Belene AEC

Minister of Energy Temenuzka Petkova inspects the delivery of the AEL “Belene” tile.

Kittagian CNNC are

open on monday

10 Sat, delivered by Investor Candidate for AEL project "Belene", has learned "24 hours" of non-independent independence.

Which companies will meet Energy Minister Temenuzka Petkova on Tuesday along with BEH head Shaklen Koev and NEC chief Ivan Yonchev.

So far, official interest has been raised by the Russian state-owned corporation Rosatom. On Monday, this article will highlight the procedure for selecting a strategic investor in the AEC Belene project, and has done so successfully.

The announcement of the procedure was published on May 22 in the Official Journal of the European Union and thereafter runs a 90-day turnaround, which expired at 17.30 on Monday.

Cactus "24 hours" evening scribble, up to five dives delivered. In addition to Rosatom, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Corporation, Power Electric and Framatom have both been counting on top-of-the-line strategic bailouts that will fund their own businesses. .

So, at the end of week two of the trio announced so far, the strategic candidate-investor has been far more successful – Rosatom and the Korean company.

The Chinese National Hydropower Corporation was expected to submit documents Monday. Dopuska is, as he made it, the most intriguing builder in front of the National Electric Company. After well-informed feedback, CNNC has entered its deadline at 14.50 hours on Monday.

In addition to selecting a strategic investor, the procedure is also for minority shareholders, cacti and candidates to buy the plant.

So except for the big trio and Dzheneral Electric and Framatom also have Bulgarian companies, candidates for minorities, cacti and power plant purchases.

Next August 19th is three months short, on which to make a list. The following link is an invitation to companies to submit bids.

Following the classification of the bids and selection of investor (s) there will be a signed memorandum of understanding between the shareholders and the shareholder. The prognosis for this procedure is 12 months.

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