Sunday , January 24 2021

Without naming names, the former spokesman criticized Bolsonaro in a newspaper article: power “destroys, corrupts and destroys”

RIO – A former spokesman for the Otavio presidency told Rego Barros a series of indirect criticisms of President Airair Bolsonaro in an article published yesterday in the Correio Brasiliense newspaper. Without mentioning the name of the occupant of the Planalto Palace, Rego Barros said that power “intoxicates, corrupts and destroys”. The former aide also criticizes presidential aides for behaving like “subordinate followers”

The text contains complaints from members of the Planalto Palace who criticize Bolsonaro for the president’s alleged difficulty in dealing with opinions that are unfavorable to him and in acknowledging his own mistakes.

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“Today’s leaders, after achieving their victories in the electoral colosseum, are embroiled in the stupid comments of those around them or the crazy demonstrations of occasional followers,” wrote Rego Barros, who also included in the article what appears to be an allusion to his former employment with Bolsonaro.

“The robot is placed next to the awarded chief, reminding him of his human nature. The applause of the authorities, the trusted people and many flatterers can obscure his sense of reality. “Unfortunately, today we face attitudes that offend those (and) Roman customs,” wrote the former government spokesman, who, in several passages from his article, referred to the period of the Roman Empire.

“It is painful to realize that the projects presented in the election campaigns, in order to convince us to give our vote in the electronic ballot boxes, are just advertising pieces, tailored for that moment. They are worth as much as a seven dollar bill. “As soon as the mandate begins, those plans are gradually forgotten in the face of political difficulties for their implementation or even for other petty interests,” wrote Rego Barros. “Faithful counselors – modern slaves – who whisper to the council humility and common sense even become hoarse,” he continued.

Rego Barros also indirectly criticized Bolsonaro’s assistants, who, for convenience, prefer to agree with everything: “Some are no longer respected. The others, abandoned on the road, injured by the intrigues of the palace. The rest, in order to survive, presupposes a comfortable helplessness. “These are submissive followers who do not practice loyal dissent for personal interests.”

A former spokesman for Bolsonaro’s government concludes: “The population, as the supreme arbiter of political activity, will be forced to mark the Rubichao River, whose illegal transposition by an arsonist ruler will be severely punished by society. Finally, taking on the role of a Roman slave, she must whisper in the ears of politicians who deserve their vote: “Remember the next election!”

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