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Who is entitled to $ 5,000 in Pasep in Banco to Brazil

Who is entitled to $ 5,000 in Pasep in Banco made Brazil. The Pasep fund quota for those who do not have a bank account with Brazil started withdrawing on Tuesday (20.08.2019) and has a balance of up to $ 5,000. According to the bank, quota owners can take the money by internet or ATM transfer. The Pasep Fund is intended for public servants. There is no deadline for withdrawal.

Workers with more than $ 5,000 in the PASEP fund and who do not have a BB account will be able to withdraw on Thursday (22), personally at the bank's branches. On Monday (19), the fund was released to those with a BB account.

The withdrawal of the PIS fund for those with checking or savings accounts at the Caixa Econômica Federal Center was also announced Monday (19). Non-Caixa clients will start receiving them later, depending on their age. The PIS fund is intended for employees in private companies. See the PIS / Pasep Funding Calendar here or below in this text.

He has the right to withdraw from the PIS / PASEP Fund, which worked with a signed portfolio between 1971 and 1988 and has not yet withdrawn the funds. Who worked in a private company during this period has a quota in PIS, while those who worked in a public agency have a quota in Pasep.

How to cash?

For public servants (Pasep), the withdrawals must be made by Banco to Brazil. Those who do not have a bank account can make a free transfer (TED) of up to $ 5,000 to another institution. The transfer can be made online, through the BB website or through the bank's self-service terminals. Withdrawals over $ 5,000 can only be made at BB affiliates.

Pashep's $ 4.5 billion of 1,522 million square feet is available for withdrawal, according to Banko to Brazil.

For private company workers (PIS), withdrawals can be made at lottery shops, Caixa Aqui representatives and Caixa ATMs using Citizen Card and a password. If you do not have a card, you can withdraw to the Caixa branch service desk.

For questions about withdrawing the IPR quotas, the bank made the site in addition to the "Caixa Worker" application available on the App Store and Google Play.

According to Kaisa, there are 10.4 million workers eligible to serve throughout the country. Issuance of these funds could rise to $ 18.3 billion, according to estimates by the state bank.

When will the service be announced?

Those who worked in a private company and have a IPR quota should withdraw from Kaisa. If you have a bank account, the withdrawal is already cleared. Check all dates:

In the case of civil servants holding the Pasep quota, the payment is made by Banco do Brasil. Who has already received a bank account. The release dates are as follows:

How do I know if I have money in the PIS / PASEP Fund?

Employees in private companies can consult the following channels:

Civil servants can be consulted in the following ways:

Who can have money in the PIS / PASEP quota?

From 1971 to 1988, companies and public agencies deposited money in the PIS / PASEPF Fund on behalf of each of their contract workers and employees. Then every worker had a quota at the bottom.

Therefore, anyone who worked as a contractor with a private company before October 4, 1988, has a PISA quota, and anyone who has worked as a civil servant has a PASEP quota. These resources are not related to the PIS / Passep supplement, which is paid annually to workers who receive up to two minimum wages per month.

FGTS withdrawals

Caixa also announced the withdrawal schedule of the FGTS (Sverance Indemnity Fund). $ 500 of each fund account starts publishing on September 13 for those with bank accounts. For those holding accounts at other institutions, the money can be withdrawn by October 18.

The two editions (FGTS and PIS / Pasep) are part of Provisional Measure 889, which should be approved by Congress by November 20 not to expire. Font UOL

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