Sunday , April 18 2021

White appears powerful in Paris and touches fans when he talks about love from Grazian Barbosa

In Paris, the singer Beautiful published a declaration of love for the woman, Gracan Barbosa.

Happy to live during a successful European tour, the singer talked about his feelings about the beloved – and he was excited by the fans.

"There may be thousands of obstacles, but nothing will cause my love for you to die." I will pass the great seas, but there will not be enough water to stifle the love I feel for you, climbing to the highest mountain in the world just to see you. , and from there I will call his name to see if he hears me, and if you listen to me, I will say one sentence: I love you ", he said.

"And when the wind comes, it will take what I said and when it hits the ear, you will listen to the wind: I love you. And every time the wind blows in the ear, it will not only be a wind, but I say that I love you ", he said.


The singer Beautiful decided to break the silence for the end of the relationship with Viviane Araújo about 10 years ago.

After several controversies and indirect exchanges between the actress and her current wife, Gracan Barbosa, the artist opened the game for treason.

He gave an interview in the program Focusing, the SBT, and confirmed that he betrayed the former girlfriend. "I betrayed him, yes, with another woman, but she is not Gracian. And she knows", he said. The journalist Leo Diaz he doubts whether he was betrayed by Vivian, but refused to comment. "I can not say that because I lived at that moment".

White also commented on the exchange of indirect between the two on social networks. "I can not understand this until today, Gracian has never done anything to Vivian, and many people go and attack." Gratian had nothing to do with the last point of Belo and Vivian Araujo ".


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