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WhatsApp announces the end of support for Windows Phone, iOS 7 and Android 2.3.7

WhatsApp announces the end of support for Windows Phone, iOS 7 and Android 2.3.7

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Messenger accompanies the fate of other Facebook apps, which also left Windows Phone. But it may be new for Windows 10!

WhatsApp announced it will no longer be compatible with iOS 7 and Android Gingerbread (in version 2.3.7) on February 1, 2020. Support for messaging applications will be interrupted for all versions of Windows Phone – this goes on to hit the strike even earlier on December 31 this year.

Often, these changes occur. Operating systems become old-fashioned as the market develops, thus they no longer have the proper structure to get upgrades, especially security updates. In addition, a small number of users who do not migrate to newer products do not justify additional developers' efforts to maintain older platforms.

In the case of Windows Phone, the end of WhatsApp support comes with the end of Microsoft's work with its mobile platform, which is scheduled for December 10th. The technology giant in the world of smartphones, implemented in partnership with Nokia, never gave the expected result, so much so that the last launch in this segment was the Lumia 950, 2015.

Facebook has plans

WhatsApp me, Facebook also did not make its applications available on Windows Phone anymore. However, this does not mean that the messenger application is abandoned by Microsoft: quite the contrary. According to information still unofficial, from the website WABeta Info, WhatsApp will run on a new Windows 10 application that will replace the current web version of the messenger.

On the portal WABeta Info recognized for leaking WhatsApp news even before the official announcement. According to insiders, the new software should bring more integration with the operating system, in addition to running faster and remove one of the biggest problems: the dependency of the connected cell to work. It would already be fully functional, going through a testing phase, which shows that the universal launch can be closer than you might think.

Sources: WhatsApp Blog / WABetaInfo

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