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Voice Brazil: Ives "fights" but candidate selects Iza by daughter's name – 13.08.2019

Ives and Iza "fought" for a candidate for another night of blind auditions at the Voice of Brazil. However, despite the "campaign" made by Ive, Gabi Oliver chose the karyoke, among the reasons, after her daughter's name.

Ive and Iza were the only jurors who addressed the candidate at the very beginning of Luciana Melo's song "So Que Se Faz".

After the presentation, Ivet joked, "Let's talk straight, let's see what's in the trio." "Come to me. I never asked you for anything, "Ives said.

In the end, Gabi chose Iza and justified the choice by saying that her daughter had the same name as the singer: Isabella, 7 years old. He has another son, 14 years old.

"When I felt happy, at least the girl's name is Eve," Iwet joked after hearing the candidate's decision.

The candidate who participated in The Voice Kids goes to Lulu's team

Another highlight tonight was Lucia Muniz. The 16-year-old attended The Voice Kids 2018 and returned this year.

“I came back because it was such a good experience that I wanted to feel it again. We're not losing, we're just winning this program, "Lucia said.

Lucia sang "The Lonely Day" from Down System. Michelle Tel was the first juror to address her. Then came Ivet and Lulu.

"I prefer rock music," Lucia said after the performance. "He didn't look at me once," Telly joked. "Not for me," Ive said. In the end, Lucia chose Lulu Santos.

“It was (different). Now I was more nervous, and the choice was very difficult, "Lucia said after being elected.

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