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Vitria loses in London at home and is still threatened by Z4 – ORORINE COROREIO

Vitria had everything on her feet on Friday (18) to beat London at home and take a deep breath in the fight against the Serie B relegation zone.

The Lion, however, disappoints fans once again. Lost 1×0 of the table's direct opponent. Thus, the Z4's drama haunts the crowd again.

The Red and Black finish the 30th round of 16 with 33 points. Villa Nova, 17, has 30. If you beat Coritiba this Saturday (19) at 4:30 pm, it still doesn't push Vitria to the Z4, but at least it equals the result.

After 80 minutes, it was obvious that the score was now up for Vitória, who took the counter attack with Londíina's Raí Ramos.

Now, the Lion has to recover from home. It will take at least a week to prepare. Visit Ponte Preta only on Sunday (27), at 4 pm, at Moises Lucarelli Stadium.

The game
Red and black had full conditions to guarantee the result at an early stage. Londrina relinquished possession and had no force to attack in the counterattack.

Thus, it was a duel to attack the Lion against the opponent's defense. The problem is that Vitria has already provided a few samples that, due to a lack of quality, cannot undermine the defense in this situation.

The first chance came in just 20 minutes. What a chance: Felipe Garcia throws the ball into the back of Kaicetto. The Ecuadorian came face-to-face with Caesar, but hit the goalkeeper.

The striker had a chance to redeem himself at 36 when he was again thrown into the back of the defense. However, Kaiko progressed too much in the race and was without a corner.

Ecuador was injured in the last half of the first half and was replaced by Anselmo Ramon.

The change in command attack did not change the difficulty of the red-blacks to break through the opposing defensive line. The team continued to exchange passports without effectiveness.

Vitria was only scared at the age of 16 with a piece of paper. Gedoz takes a free kick and throws the ball into the box. At 19, Van took the corner, fired a long shot from the area and surprised the London keeper with a little surprise.

For 20 minutes the red-blacks managed to slow down even further and not even bother the middleman in London. It was ten minutes with the wrong pass, giving the opponent a counterattack.

In an hour, the crime will come. And it came to 31. In error on the ball out of Vitria, Londrina returned the ball. Rai Ramos got on the right, stunned Everton Senna and shot a corner. Irreversible damage to the Lion.

0x1 Victory Londonbrook – 30th round of the 2019 Serie B

Victory: Martin Rodriguez; Van, Everton Seena, Ramon and Thiago Carleto; Leo Gomes, Romison and Felipe Gedoz (Quixino); Wesley, Felipe Garcia (Neguiba) and Jordi Cajeso (Anselmo Ramon). Technical: Inenino.

London: Caesar German, Dircheu, Lucas Costa and Rush Ramos; Bertato, Germano, Paulino Mokelin (Arthur Cacule) and Andre Moritz (Charles); Mateusigno and Mateusz Bianchi (Mateusz Neris). Technical: Mazola Junior.

Stadium: Request
Goal: Rush Ramos, 31 minutes into the second half
Yellow card: Caesar and the German (London)

Judge: Rodrigo Nunez de Sa, assisted by Gabriel Conti Viana and Tiago Gomez Maghalhas (RF trio)

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